Mid American Gambler Championship Week Edition: One Last Chance to Bet Against Akron

This is where legends cement their place in history

Welcome to the Mid-American Gambler, a weekly installment where Justin makes his picks against the spread on every MAC football game (and a few others too). You can follow him on Twitter @NIFFOCNITSUJ or email him at fosatblog@gmail.com.

Last Week: 3–3 in the MAC, 2–1 Bonus Picks
Overall Record: 60–2–60

It is honestly pretty frustrating that we sit here at pretty much a dead-even record against the spread heading into championship week. I feel like…Northwestern. Why am I here? Nobody knows, but we keep going on, never once questioning our role in the universe.

As always, my picks in bold:

MAC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Northern Illinois vs Buffalo -3.5

This is the most agonizing pick I’ve ever had to think about. Buffalo is the most reliable team against the number in the MAC, which I attribute to the general disrespect from the nation directed at teams from Buffalo. But this is a case where I think the spread fits, making it that much harder to say: I like Buffalo.

THE ZIPCOCK GAME: Akron vs South Carolina -29.5

The location I am currently typing this in would be a very bad place for me to find out what zipcock yields when typed into Google, so I have no idea how bad this word is.

Bonus Picks

Each week I like to pick three games outside of the MAC I think are worth your time. Here’s my picks this week:

MWC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Fresno State vs Boise State -2.5

This is not a neutral site game. Boise let all the new hotness of Utah State steal the glory all year only to be right back where they belong. The Broncos take care of business on the smurf turf.

SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Alabama -13.5 vs Georgia

I don’t see any reason to pick against Alabama this season under any circumstance.


Mckenzie Milton is amazing. His absence will be felt by UCF. Here’s the thing, though: you don’t win a million football games in a row with one guy. Memphis is a nightmare to play, but I’m not ready to assume UCF can’t still be head and shoulders above the Tigers just because Milton is out.