MAC Football Pick ’Em: Week 1

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Thought you’d never see this again, would you?

An old tradition we (me, Justin Coffin, Brandon Fitzsimons) used to play over at Hustle Belt dot com, and we’re going to keep this puppy alive on this fetal baby blog.

The rules are simple, deciding the game winners is the hard part. But if you know how to play and you don’t care about what I have to say about these games, just click here to make your picks. I’ll include the link again at the very bottom.

First, fill out your name. Seems easy enough. Please use the same name every week you add your football picks. It’ll help us with adding up everybody’s respective points over the course of the season.

Pick the winners of the games. I mean, that’s why you’re doing this anyways, right? This week there’s 12 games, obviously, since everybody’s playing out-of-conference to start the season off. Each non-conference game you get correctly earns you a point. Each MAC game you pick correctly earns you 2 points.

Finally there’s a Game of the Week part, where you can pick one of four games that you think is the best of the week. This game earns a double point multiplier, and is based off everyone’s votes. Double points!

Alex’s picks

Minnesota over Buffalo: This is a no brainer. P.J. Fleck is going to make Minnesota elite and Buffalo showed its lack of preparation before the Bulls even left New York.

screenshot via Twitter, highlight by me

Toledo over Elon: Elon is an FCS program that went 2–9 last year. If this were Kent State or Ball State, I’d have to think a little bit longer on this one. Speaking of Ball State, Elon senior defensive back Chris Blair is a Ball State transfer and won Elon’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player award last year. Good on him.

Central Michigan over Rhode Island: This is a good scrimmage for Central Michigan’s two quarterbacks to get first-team reps against a different team. Under head coach Jim Flemming, Rhode Island, in three years, has a 4–30 record. Flemming is Rhode Island’s Lance Leipold. Also, here’s a fun fact: Rhode Island was in the Yankee Conference from 1947–1996 (it died in 1997). Looks like a conference I’d watch as a dirty pleasure with today’s teams.

Yankee Conference, screenshot via Wikipedia

Eastern Michigan over Charlotte: If this is a good game, then Charlotte is better than I expect it to be. I don’t doubt the Eagles can hang about 50 points on the 49ers. Did you know Blake Banham is second on the depth chart at running back for EMU?

Boston College over Northern Illinois: This won’t be a creaming, Northern Illinois will make this fun to watch. Having this game on CBSSN while Alabama vs. Florida State is on television will make it impossible to watch. Right now, it’s hard to gauge how good or not good NIU’s offense will be this year.

№5 Clemson over Kent State: This will be a creaming.

№6 Penn State over Akron: SAQUON BARKLEY ALERT.

Illinois over Ball State: This is the game where I say “hey, both teams are bad, watch out for an awkward upset of sorts for Ball State” then the Cardinals lose by 37.

Michigan State over Bowling Green: See above.

№4 USC over Western Michigan: Watch for Western Michigan’s defense. It’ll have its hands full and USC isn’t one of the best teams in the nation for no good reason. But WMU’s defense is extremely experienced, so this is a good time to see where this defense is at while everybody’s healthy. If the Trojans are held to under 30 points, we’ll have to see why that happened and assess from there.

Miami over Marshall: I’m not picking who I think will win, I’m picking who I want to see win here. Miami’s not the young team that many of us remember from two years ago, because that’s what happens when you go from freshmen to junior years (duh). Last year, Marshall allowed 4.96 yards per carry and was outscored by opponents 35.3–26.4 points per game. Actually, I guess I am picking who I think will win here.

Ohio over Hampton: I’m not going to tell you why I think Ohio will win at home over an FCS team that went 5–6 last year, I’m just going to list off some names on the Pirates’ roster because they have some good ones. Good names include: Rashawn Proctor, Twarn Mixson, Oral Varcciann, Leon Shorter (he’s 6-foot-2), Kevin Boateng, Chaka Diarrassouba, Owen Obasuyi, Desmond Sturdivant and Darrius Commissiong. I think that just about covers everybo —

GAME OF THE WEEK: Miami vs. Marshall is my Game of the Week. It’d be my pick in terms of which games that doesn’t include my alma mater I’m most looking forward to, but I really do think Miami will get the job done at Marshall. Marshall just isn’t that good, and Miami’s experience needs to pay off early and not have an 0–6 start like last year.

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