MAC Power Rankings: Week 7

This was the “I need a cigarette” weekend for football.

Original image by Brandon Fitzsimons. Photo edit by Alex Alvarado.

Our power rankings suck because no power rankings are going to be good after this.

There are arguments to be made for teams going up and down, and the whole range of teams ranked №2-№9 sort of gets messy.

It’s like if you hold ends of a Slinky with both of your hands and swish the springs back and forth to make a waving motion. That’s what our power rankings felt like. We knew Toledo would sit at №1 and Ball State would be at №12. We’d group Ohio and Northern Illinois at the top, Miami and Kent State would hang out at the bottom, but there’s some back-and-forth thinking on where to place everybody else.

It’s best to just blame Western Michigan for losing to Akron.

Okay, I’ll stop it with complaining about the weekend and using stupidity as a way to engage in how college football works. You get it. You know college football is dumb and the MAC is the dumbest. That’s why we’re here; it’s sort of a prerequisite to following this niche conference.

Here are some other things we should focus on:

  • George Bollas had a better stat line than Logan Woodside.
  • Eastern Michigan had seven offensive drives, scored four touchdowns and lost by one at Army.
  • Kent State vs. Miami featured four missed field goals.
  • Khalil Hodge, who is a boss, had 19 tackles for Buffalo.
  • Buffalo vs. Northern Illinois featured two third-string quarterbacks.
  • Ball State survived a bye week and is our new consensus №12 team in our power rankings.


  1. Toledo (3 first-place votes), 1 average rank
  2. Northern Illinois, 2.33
  3. Ohio, 2.67
  4. Akron, 4.67
  5. Buffalo, 5
  6. Western Michigan, 6
  7. Eastern Michigan, 6.33
  8. Central Michigan, 8.33
  9. Bowling Green, 8.67
  10. Kent State, 10
  11. Miami, 11
  12. Ball State, 12