Mid-American Gambler: It’s The Final (Full) Saturday

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How’d We Do? (correct picks in bold)

Eastern Michigan (+6), Ohio (-9.5), NIU (-4.5), Toledo (-7.5), Kent State (+9.5), Western Michigan (-14.5)

4–2 is pretty good. Not our goal here though. The goal is 6–0 from here on out, but after last week’s debacle, I probably shouldn’t complain. Big shout out to Western Michigan and also Mother Nature for spoiling the pick at -14.5. WMU didn’t even score 14 points! If I had to do it all again, however, I’d still take the Broncos.

Current Record: 28–1–29

Week Six Games & Picks (All Times Eastern)

Akron vs Toledo (-15.5)
Saturday, October 21st @ 12:00 p.m.
Glass Bowl, Toledo, OH

Vegas seems to agree with me on Akron. It’s not that I dislike Akron, I just don’t believe in them, even at 3–0. The WMU win was huge for them, but Toledo will be an entirely different animal. This is a Rocket team that has a second year head coach and a first team All-MAC quarterback running the show.

Toledo (-15.5)

Kent State vs Ohio (-19.5)
Saturday, October 21st @ 2:00 p.m.
Peden Stadium, Athens, OH

The funniest possible outcome of this weekend is Kent State upsetting Ohio on the road. Because at that point, the chaos that is currently ensuing would run scared of the chaos that would follow. That said, it probably won’t happen, but 19 and a half points is a ton of points, and I like the Flashes to keep the game as low scoring as possible throughout.

Kent State (+19.5)

Northern Illinois (-14) vs Bowling Green
Saturday, October 21st @ 2:00 p.m.
Doyt Perry Stadium, Bowling Green, OH

Last time NIU was a double-digit favorite was against Kent State, where the Huskies undoubtedly routed the Flashes, but still failed to cover. Against a team like Bowling Green, the spread should probably be a bit larger, but with looming quarterback issues, it makes sense to think the Huskies are more equipped to win a comfortable 10-point game than run away by a couple touchdowns. That said, I’m going to continue betting on NIU until they fail two in a row. Talk to me next week.

Northern Illinois (-14)

Western Michigan (-3) vs Eastern Michigan
Saturday, October 21st @ 2:00 p.m.
Rynearson Stadium, Ypsilanti, MI

I guess I have to say some nice things about Eastern, even though they are my sworn rival until roughly 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. That defense is for real, and it keeps them in quite literally every game. Of course, they always find ways to lose those games. I think this week probably isn’t much different. Sure, there could be blood in the water with WMU’s loss to Akron, but I think this game has become too important, and the Broncos are the more talented team. At four points, I’m taking EMU, but at three points I’m going with the Broncos.

Western Michigan (-3)

Buffalo vs Miami (-3)
Saturday, October 21st @ 2:30 p.m.
Yager Stadium, Oxford, OH

Miami is favored and I’m not having it. Buffalo is on their third-string quarterback, and my recent unconditional love for the Bulls means that’s about as meaningless as it gets. The Bulls are still a stout defense, and there aren’t many receivers in the MAC better than Anthony Johnson (if any). The Bulls are going to, um, upset the RedHawks, I guess?

Buffalo (+3)

Central Michigan (-2.5) vs Ball State 
Saturday, October 21st @ 3:00 p.m.
Scheumann Stadium, Muncie, IN

Alright, it’s the late game! Central Michigan. Ball State. Who’s going to finish last in the MAC West? This game has plenty of reasons to be absolute trash, which means it will be exciting as all hell. Ball State is coming off of a bye week and is 2–0 at home. Don’t look at who those two teams were. It doesn’t matter. The Chippewas like to turn the ball over and have already used up their one big road win of the year.

Ball State (+2.5)