This Is Not An Article How To Analyze

What’s wrong with modern analytics

Have you noticed that ROI and conversion rates are extremely variable on different days of the week? To keep up the pace with modern analytics, one has to dive into time-consuming, tedious routine. Said another way, simple task of managing your campaigns can grow to enormous amount of manual labor over modest period of time.

What would you say if there was software that looks at your daily performance, sends you automated reports, ranks and estimates your online performance, presents best possible solutions? Pretty cool, huh?

Automated analytics is no longer a sci-fi word. It’s been around a while and it will stay with us until we come up with something new. Again.

The Foster Team

The Foster Team is a band of data-driven maniacs who always felt sorry for their little brothers — PPC managers and search marketers. In order to support these poor fellows (and nourish the Foster Teams’ gigantic data-obsessed egos), they have made for needs of their own business. The service can gather, analyze and represent huge volumes of complex data in a few minutes. Thus, human factor is out of evaluating vast spreadsheets of numbers, errors are minimized. PPC experts can forget mind-numbing and repetitive operations (up to 71.482% time according to the Foster Team survey). proved to be so effective that the Foster Team produced it as a standalone product. They believe it would be profitable by 2052 so they can retire with salute. Until then, the Foster Team is constantly working on the service for better customer experience, adding new algorithms for their own amusement and profit of devoted users.

How to be good at analysis and why you are not

Is it possible for human being to process stupendous amount of data gathered by Google Analytics? To personalize real-time responses in the world of millions mobile customers? Well, these tools can help you win the game:

  1. Negative Keywords Autolisting. Finds keywords that are irrelevant or bring no conversion. Builds a customized list.
  2. Excluded Placements Autolisting. Inspects pages with your ads, ranks best and worst in convertible effectiveness, eliminates placements that spend too much budget.
  3. Keywords Crossing. Adjusts campaigns using geo-targeting algorithm, and excludes closely related matches. Ranks keywords according relative quality and effect.
  4. Limits control. Regulates click value through analyses of daily budget in GA.
  5. Budget Control. Shows recent ads spend and forecasts future spends.

These are first-generation algorithms, and developers still have a few tools up their sleeve.

Quick summary

Well, next thing we have here is another classic promo passage (it’s like a plot in a porn: boring and pretentious) so let’s just skip it and concentrate on key features of

  1. Scripts: uses advanced scripting database.
  2. Integrity: Multiple data variables (CPC, CTR, impressions et al) are represented in one place.
  3. Automation: is able to apply preset changes.
  4. Reduced complexity: Foster Team of programmers and PPC-managers aims to simplify data evaluation process and save time for strategic planning and some extra ping-pong battles.