Mega Gay World

The Gay Concept Shop.

Who doesn’t like a small shopping and relate this with some fetish culture or even sex toys. That is exactly what MGW does in Cologne, G ermany.

MGW is a very well known shop in the heart of Cologne that brings to everyone, gay or straight a giant variety of products to everyone, gay or straight . A nd not all them are for sexual pleasure, because gays are much morethan just sex too.

And since I am gay, porn actor, man, sexual active, fashion addiceted and pretty much interested in everything that has passion and creativity, here I am! onTour at MGW new shop.

I've found Dj Alejandro Alvarez, also a Portuguese porn actor, and we both were the first ones signing the hall—of-fame from MGW. Yes yes yes, the “Best Versatile Actor " (myself) and the “Best Newcomer” (Alejandro) — Hustlaball Awards 2014 — have already our stuff and place on the porn history from MGW.

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MGW also offer the latest news of this business and that isn’t more than my own fashion line. Fostter Riviera Fashion is available in then shop, and can be delivered if you buy it online.

From my tank-tops to my own fragrance, and soon my dildo, MGW is a platinum partner of FostterOnTour and FFRiviera.

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