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It’s no secret

It’s no secret that architecture branding and urban photography are what we breath and work for. Regardless of all our experiences in music, journalism, marketing, project management and web design, these two disciplines and our interpretation of them remains our strongest identity.

The City

The city lives and breaths ceaselessly day in and day out. It can evolve; it can regress; it sparkles and darkens; it can welcome and it can reject; sometimes all in one single day. In spite of all difficulties, the city moves on because it is the thing to do and because its courageous citizens live up to this challenge. The city illustrates the people’s hope, their pride, their successes and their failures. In response, the citizen embodies its city’s impact on the state’s economy, on himself and even on the world. Today’s cities are the equivalent of yesterday’s parishes on a global scale.

The People

The people of the city will make it what it is. No matter how good the architecture is or how good the economy is, a city’s people define its identity. They, by the pouring of their heart and soul in their work and leisure every day, define the city, influence its design and its architecture. More so, they define its brand. To the world, Montreal and Montrealers are indissociable.


Neighbourhoods are its people: they are sometimes bright and sometimes sombre, tainted in the colours and flavours of its residents. We all have a minimum of responsibility to our neighbourhood. Living in a community also means building this same community through commerce, projects, work, social organisations and leisure. There is a collective duty that exists to make our living space healthy and prosper. Each individual in his living space is partly responsible for contributing to his part of the city, to help make it the best it can be.

Who we are

We are photographers, content marketing managers and brand promoters, but we are also citizens and a little bit of the city indeed. We are proud Montrealers and we are looking to better our community by contributing to local businesses and to local projects.


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FI3200/ is spearheading a downtown Montreal urban project to redesign the abandoned îlot Voyageur south lot on the corner of De Maisonneuve & Berri by re-qualifying it as a public square with a green, sustainable and inclusive public market. It would be Canada’s only public market connected directly to the metro on three lines. In the heart of the city, a true community project carried by the Groupe d’Action Citoyenne Marché Voyageur. Help support The Marché Voyageur Project.

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Text and Photography : Eric Soucy