A Motivating 10 Second Conversation

As a greneral rule, I ignore what my competitors are doing. It’s a bad idea to pay too much attention to their strategies and movements.

I focus on my strategy.

Occassionaly I come into contact with my competitors and when I do, I relish the opportunity to listen and learn.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet one of the head honchos from my largest global competitor.

I was eager to engage with him and put out my hand to greet him as I was being introduced. He reluctantly shook my hand, looked vaguelly passed me and said: “There’s one of you in all of our markets,” and then walked off without another word.

This was an incredibly valuable exchange for me.

I discovered a very important piece of information; My biggest global competitor thinks that it is too big to fail.

That’s great news for Nic Harry. They wont even see us coming.

The best thing I can do now is work even harder on my strategy.