Black Lives Matter all around the world

Let’s think globally!

We will be proud if you write your stories about the situation of Black lives and people of color in different countries such as Britain, Canada, France, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, some African countries and so on. We are waiting for publishing them on FACE!

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As I wrote in the previous story, we think our Black lives matter just in America, while all over the world, Black lives matter! If I want to say briefly and usefully in one sentence, it is that we must think globally!

Therefore, I repeat once again that we as Black writers and scholars must be the voice of all Blacks and people of color around the world. We must write, protest and defend our rights against the suffering and oppression that is being perpetrated against us every day around the world.

It seems that it is our duty to pay attention to this. For this reason, I ask you to publish your articles and stories in this field on FACE if you feel responsible in this regard.

We would like to publish your stories in the international section of FACE. Notice that your topics in this section should be about the situation of Black people and people of color in general in different countries.

Herbert Dyer, Jr., Sharon Hurley Hall, KL Simmons, Anthony Williams, Rosalyn Morris, Melissa Edwards, Dr. Cynthia Alease Smith, Erica J, Erica Donaldson-Ellison, Carmellita, Amber Fraley, LaDarius Dennison, Kay Valley, ft. a black girl, Dani Bethea, Andrea M. Peters, Porche, Tammy M, C. Seals, Samba Seck, Jamie Tukpah, Vanessa Gallman, Rakysha, Andrew P. Brown III, PhD, Kennardo James, Asanda Kaka, Morenike Adesulu, Nikki Lives, Jasmine Dudley, Meshell Baylor, Sanford S. Williams, Esq., Dorothy Lennon, Dominique Simpson, Chris Writes, Laura M. Quainoo, Ingryd Lo Tierzo Silva, let’s start!

Thank you so much,




The official pub for FACE (Foundation of African Americans for Civic Empowerment), is a publication for the writers of Color and Black activists. We would like to publish your stories about the rights of Black people around the world. Black Lives Matter all around the world!

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