Black lives matter all around the world!

My way is different, Black lives matter all around the world!

Photo from the AfroSapiophile publication which I appreciate it and its owner, Johnny Silvercloud.

I’m very sad to see this story and I don’t know what to say! But I have mentioned the sources links. Is this plagiarism?! Instead of helping a Black rights activist who is his first time being part of a publication, do you call me a plagiarist?! This is far from fair. I like your publication Johnny Silvercloud and I took it as a pattern and I’m a fan of it, but I am not looking for plagiarism. Because my way is different from yours. I want to make FACE the voice of Black people all over the world. Don’t you help me in this way?!




The official pub for FACE (Foundation of African Americans for Civic Empowerment), is a publication for the writers of Color and Black activists. We would like to publish your stories about the rights of Black people around the world. Black Lives Matter all around the world!

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