The 1850 Slave catchers of America

The purpose has not changed and it is still driven religiously and politically, which gets us mentally.

The beginning of Law enforcement in Colonial America

They are called, “The Slave catchers of the Americas”. European colonies established this in the sixteenth century, in the West Indies, later-to-be adapted in American colonies in eighteenth centuries, colonial Virginia and Carolina.

The colonial era of the United States saw the emergence of a law enforcement system modeled on those present in Europe. In the Northern Colonies, these consisted of watchmen, employed by private citizens to police the streets and maintain order; in the Southern Colonies, law enforcement was primarily centered around policing the large population of enslaved African Americans who worked on plantations. These groups consisted of both planters and colonists who owned no slaves and were paid by planters to search for escaped slaves.

These Southern law enforcement groups, which continued to be active after the American Revolution and the establishment of the United States, were created out of a need to maintain order among slaves and slave owners as opposed to protecting the interests of the colonists who owned no slaves. Many Southern planters were considered irresponsible if their enslaved chattel property were allowed to escape. It was a fear that more escapes would upend the system if not met with an immediate response. It was believed to be in the general interest of all planters to maintain discipline as to ensure the enslaved did not have the chance to start a rebellion. Many states allowed local law enforcement to enlist the help of federal marshals, U.S. commissioners, and other local citizens. This spread to more states with the ratification of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which required all citizens and local law enforcement to aid in the capture of runaway slaves. This was just two generations ago; 172 years.

Amhaud Albery, Feb. 23, 2020

In an effort to nullify this practice, local government began offering law enforcement agents a greater reward for returning a slave to the South than that of abolitionists who were willing to pay police to look the other way. During the Civil War, these law enforcement groups met with great difficulty, primarily because most of the white men were off fighting in the war. With the men gone, the duty to keep slaves in line fell on the women, who also had households to run. Lack of punishment and a greater likelihood of successful escape caused more and more slaves to run away. With slave patrols stretched so thin, many slaves were able to escape, and were often aided by enemy invaders. Many of the slaves joined Union ranks, the United States Colored Troops, taking up arms against their former owners.

Revisiting American history does not seem like a distant endeavor. This feels current in some instances, with religion and politics staying on code. Neither the Democrats nor the Republican want equality because both come from families that owned plantations with slaves. They don’t want to give up that false sense of royalty, privilege or face their guilt. They are sitting on the books that show who we really are and where our family derived from. Most of us have taken on the last names of our slave masters. They know what would happen if things were equal. Most of them would be behind bars, including white women. We would take over, like we do with everything we are involved in, and the ugly side of America would be no more.

This is the nature of politics. Reagan flooded our communities with drugs. This shows how they all work together. Then the Democrats, Bill Clinton at the time, got in office and locked up everybody that sold the drugs, leaving crackheads to raise our community and women to become single mothers. Then Joe Biden, as a Senator, wrote the bill himself that locked us up. So, the same guy that Black people, specifically Black women, gathered together to get in office, is the same person that wrote the bill for mass incarceration. And if you notice, he has not done anything for black people. Yet many of us will come together to make sure he has a second term. Keep in mind, the George Floyd bill has not been passed. Mainstream media floods the airways! Headline after headline. Must defeat Covid. Get the jab or lose your livelihood. Unvaccinated people are the problem. Now it is, must support Ukraine. In fact, we now have more voting restrictions since he has been in office. We fell for it yet again.




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