Making a comeback

To the one person reading this…

I’ve decided to start writing in public again. Why? Because I want to!

I stopped writing because I moved into an area of work at Eduserv where I didn’t feel totally comfortable about the services we were offering. I didn’t want to talk about them too much publicly and I therefore didn’t feel able to talk at all publicly. Most of the things I would have wanted to say would have been counter to the company I work for… as it was then.

I’m guessing you won’t even know what Eduserv is?

Why didn’t I leave? Dunno. I honestly, don’t know. Inertia I guess. And, no, that’s not a good reason. Because Eduserv is a charity and I think it has something valuable to offer? Maybe. The reality is that I can’t explain it.

Anyway, I am where I am and Eduserv is a new organisation. Or, at least, it is a changing organisation… and changing pretty rapidly. It genuinely feels that way to me. And it genuinely feels good to be a part of that change. Whether we succeed in changing enough remains to be seen but the changes we are going thru are really interesting in terms of company culture — you might find some of that stuff interesting as well. Maybe… if not, well, you control your browser. Stop reading!

I’ve said a lot internally of course — I haven’t stopped writing totally. But it was nearly all hidden on our internal blog.

For some or all of this to make any kind of sense, I’ll need to tell you something about my view of where we have been as a company. I’ll do that over the coming posts. I’m going to be as open and honest as I can be. This is not an Eduserv blog. This is me.

Anyway, enough for now. If you’re still interested, call back later.

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