I’ve called this blog Foundations, in reference to my previous blog, eFoundations. The ‘e’ in eFoundations was both stupid and problematic. People assumed it stood for ‘Eduserv Foundation’ — which it didn’t. eFoundations was a personal blog, co-written by me and Pete Johnston. It was not an Eduserv blog, and Pete carried on writing for it even after he had moved on from Eduserv. In reality, the ‘e’ was more likely a reference to eLib — yeah, really. ‘E’ for ‘electronic’ — hey, those were the days!

Foundations kinda works as a name because I tend to focus most of my thinking on the technology and standards that underpin other activities. That is where my real interests lie. Historically, that was mainly around data standards (for me I mean, not generally). More recently it has been around IaaS and PaaS, open data and so on — particularly as those things are delivered by AWS and Azure. I occasionally build things — mainly as proofs of concepts. But I’m not very good at it.

Also, I have little or no imagination, so I took the easy option on naming.

My last post on eFoundations was in November 2012. In practice, I had stopped writing regularly well before then. That’s almost 5 years ago! Wow. Time flies. We’ll see how I get on this time.

Btw, I hate corporate blogs, i.e. blogs that try to represent an organisation as a whole. Nothing could be more misguided — well, possibly a corporate Twitter stream that tries to act like it is a person.

As I said before… this blog is me. Just me. Please don’t blame Eduserv for anything you read here.