Report: Startups in the Netherlands

How startup-minded are we in the Netherlands? Founded in Holland is curious to see what the current ‘startup state of mind’ is in this beautiful country. We couldn’t think of a better way than to ask a startup to investigate this. Dutch crowdsourcing app Roamler put its well-trained mobile workforce (the Roamlers) to work for us.

The results show that startups are definitely on people’s minds: 64% have used the products or services of Dutch startups. The most popular startups are the ‘Spotify for journalism’ Blendle, ‘local lending app’ Peerby and ‘funky Dutch cloud service’ Wetransfer.

Not only do Roamlers use the products or services of startups, 32% of them have the ambition to become entrepreneurs themselves. Most frequently mentioned ideas for startups were in industries such as payments, fashion or logistics. Others who don’t have the ambition to start their own company, surely had a couple of ideas for new startups like wrinkle-resistant sheets and eco-friendly candles.

Founded in 2011, Roamler is a startup specialized in fact based retail analytics and is operating in 14 different countries. Seventy-five ‘Roamlers’ switched on their mobile phones, opened the app and started answering questions about Dutch startups. ‘It’s a combination of fun and function’, says founder Martijn Nijhuis. ‘They can earn money and earn extra points so that they can compete against other Roamlers in town or their friends.’

For people who have entrepreneurial ambitions Nijhuis has some advice:

‘If you have an idea for a startup: do it! Don’t think, get it out there, go talk about it and just do it. Because it’s awesome.’

And if you do, don’t forget to join Founded in Holland.

Infographic ‘Startups in The Netherlands’




The Netherlands — Holland — has a thriving startup scene. The surge of successful entrepreneurial endeavors has made the region one of Europe’s hottest startup hubs. Part of the global Founded X community.

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