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The Founded in Holland Summer Startup Awards 2015

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2 min readJun 1, 2015


Sometimes taking the next step is super easy. After the tripod came the selfie stick and who remembers that we used to read magazines from paper?!

At Founded in Holland we’re always looking for ways to celebrate Dutch startups every single day of the week. It didn’t took us long to come up with an award. Everyone agrees that awards are simply awesome. Especially when you win one, instead of buying one yourself.

We asked over 1500 startup founders to nominate the startup they thought deserves to win. To make it easier for them to choose between all these new companies arising, they could pick one from the one gallery hosting all new icons of Holland. You got it: Founded in Holland. Every startup listed here meets the following criteria:

1) They were founded in Holland in the 21st century
2) They have the ambition to transform their industry
3) The founders have never clubbed a baby seal

This expert selection resulted in a powerful startup top 10. In alphabetical order:

3D Hubs
Glass Shop Wall

Now it is up to the rest of the world to decide who is going to win.

You can make your choice HERE.

Choose wisely, as this will stick to them until their first major pivot. The poll is open until June 20, and on June 21 (when summer begins) we announce the winner.

With love,

Maarten & Tim



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