This is the winner of the Summer Startup Awards 2015

It’s our pleasure to announce the winner of the first Summer Startup Awards by Founded in Holland.

Over 1.500 startup experts were asked ‘what is the most promising startup of this moment?’ Thousands of fans and founders then cast their vote over the past 3 weeks. Exciting, right?! We can’t wait to tell you who won. But first, we’ll give the number 2 and 3 their seconds of fame. Go on, read it with a dark and sturdy voice in mind:

On 3, with 10% of the votes: Studyflow

The number 2, with 14% of the votes: webtexttool

And the absoluut winner, with a knockout 42% of the votes is: Glass Shop Wall!

*confetti, balloons, applause, etc*

The Glass Shop Wall is a digital screen in your shop window made of specialized glass. It can be used as a digital popup store, web shop, marketing agent and/or for information such as Amber Alerts, election information, national news and much more. It’s the next new big talk in the global internet community. It will take online shopping a notch higher, allowing users to shop from their favorite store with just a click of the mouse. No more disappointments during summer or vacations.

Let the summer begin!