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Paige Hendrix Buckner

Mar 13, 2020

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Meet the Graduates of Founder Gym’s Cohort 12

“Being in Founder Gym was a completely transformative experience. After the first week, I said to my partner, “You could spend 36 hours Googling something or listen to an Founder Gym session and get everything you need in one hour.” I feel like I went to VC grad school. I have an intimate understanding of fundraising inside-out: the terminology, the culture, pitching, and my story. I’ve honed my strengths for where my company is now, and have a deep understanding of the traction I need to seek in order to build my company in meaningful, investable ways.”

“The community support I received helped me connect the dots. After this experience, I can integrate who I am and why I launched my product to determine how I am going to raise the money. This is powerful.”

“Before I started the training, I had learned how to seek outside funds for my business, but fear about what investors thought and how to present my pitch kept me in the dark. Founder Gym brought me out of the dark by providing me with confidence and knowledge.”

“Before Founder Gym, I was determined to start my company and raise money. But I see now, as a Founder Gym graduate, that I was on a founder journey without a map. I was trying to open locked doors when I didn’t have a key. Founder Gym has transformed me from someone who was aspiring to be a founder and raise money, to someone who is out there actually doing it — and with the right tools and resources to be successful.”

Since graduating our first FG Cohort in January 2018, Founder Gym’s Alumni community has grown 1592%.

FG Graduates are building world-class companies.

But, as underrepresented founders, they face unique challenges.

This is why we built Founder Gym.

But before you meet the founders, take a look at the numbers.

Meet the FG Cohort 12 Graduates!

“Being around a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who don’t fit the stereotypical Silicon Valley tech founder profile really helped boost my confidence and take more pride in my endeavor. This directly translates into me being more effective when it comes to reaching out to investors or customers.”

“The best part of Founder Gym is the incredible network and the overflowing fountain of resources. There’s no possible way I could gather all the relevant information and connections that Founder Gym and our alumni community bring to the table.”

“Because of Founder Gym, I am able to bring all of my knowledge, experience, courage, and love to investor meetings for the first time. I am enjoying those meetings, and they are working in a way that is authentic and real. I feel very happy in those discussions.”

“The best thing about Founder Gym is that there are many entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds working on things that will positively impact the world. In a global landscape that is often filled with the latest in bad news, it’s refreshing to experience that at its core entrepreneurship is inextricably linked to human advancement and is shaped by a love for humanity.”

“The FG program is intense, but it is the best gift you can give yourself as a founder. Make sure you commit 100% of your strength and time. Be the James Bond version of yourself throughout this program.”

“The best thing about the FG cohort is the community of people it brings together. I have never felt such a strong sense of belonging to any group like this before.”

“I have become more confident in presenting my company to investors and am no longer worried about their biases, but more focused on a higher level of preparedness and clear dissemination of the products and services I offer. I am also more knowledgeable about key terms in the investment process.

“Because of Founder Gym, I have a polished set of resources to go out and pitch my business, I know what I’m talking about, and I have the confidence I didn’t have 6 weeks ago.”

“This was an exercise in up-skilling for fundraising as much as it was an exercise in up-skilling personally. I had an idea why I was doing the work I was doing, but have never been forced to articulate it, poke holes, and articulate it again. I’m a better founder but I’m also a better person after my time with Founder Gym.”

“I used to be a very shy and reserved person, but this Founder Gym experience has made me realize the need to come out of my shell. Seeing how other founders and our instructors were very confident in their skin made me believe that I can do even better once I put my mind to it.”

“Because of Founder Gym, I have a network of incredibly thoughtful, successful founders who all want to rise up together. We would have never met otherwise, and I’m so grateful for them and the virtual tools to stay connected.”

“The community and resources were worth it. Outside of the training and mentorship, the support you get from your cohort and alumni peers is so helpful and rewarding. I can happily say I can reach out to them anytime and get help as I need it.”

“The best part about the FG Cohort was the quality. Everything was well organized and professional.”

“The support and camaraderie from Paige and my cohort mates. A founder’s journey can be very isolating (especially for solo-founders), and it is great to know other founders who can relate to the problems you are facing and provide suggestions on how you can tackle them.”

“Because of Founder Gym, I learned the art of fundraising and how to manage fundraising while simultaneously running my company.”

“Because of Founder Gym, I walk confidently into meetings. I now realize how far I have come in life and how much more I have to learn. I know where I want to go and how to get there. I was given the right tools to guide my thoughts, build my confidence, and that now translates every day through my ability to walk in a room and make people admire me as a founder.”

“Being a founder can be so lonely and isolating. The best part about Founder Gym was going through it with everyone else in my program. We laughed together, we cried, we lifted each other up and we cheered each other on. Through our experience in the program together, I now know that I have founder friends for life all over the world.”

“Because of Founder Gym, I’ve never felt more confident about my ability to engage others in my vision.”

“Because of Founder Gym, I am more confident and motivated to fundraise and help our customers [small-medium businesses] accelerate sales and marketing transformations. Founder Gym has equipped me with the skills and best practices from successful founders and VCs who helped me understand what investors care about.”

Congratulations to the FG Cohort 12 Graduation Day Winners!

Meet the FG Cohort 12 Trainers

Special thanks to the FG Alumni Guest Speakers

Meet the FG Cohort Leadership Team

“FG Cohort 12 is filled with powerhouses! Their eagerness to learn paired with their brilliance and skillsets from a variety of backgrounds made each session dynamic. I know they will take all the gems from each session to be the most Barack Obama version of themselves and continue to support each other both personally and professionally well after the cohort experience.”

“This cohort is driven to be the best that they can be. I have been truly amazed at the bond that they have built and I very much look forward to seeing their continued success.”


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