Paige Hendrix Buckner is named COO of Founder Gym

Mandela SH Dixon
Nov 11 · 6 min read
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Every day, I pinch myself because I can’t believe I have the privilege of doing what I love for work. Founder Gym’s global network of entrepreneurs weaves together a powerful, compassionate, and brilliant web of change-makers whose impact continues to compound as more leaders enter the community. In my role as COO, I want to do everything in my power to amplify their impact, because when we support them, they create a better world for all of us.” — Paige Hendrix Buckner

In June 2018, Paige Hendrix Buckner joined Founder Gym as our first Program Director. Since then, Paige has trained over 500 founders in 26 countries on 6 continents. She has interviewed the “Who’s Who” of Silicon Valley as the lead facilitator of our Founder Gym Fundraising Cohorts, and she has managed partnerships with leading companies in the industry, including Google for Startups and Paige’s impact on Founder Gym’s success is undeniable, and I am honored to share a few words from our community members:

Paige changes lives.

“Since becoming a part of the FG family, Paige has been the consummate cheerleader & thought partner in success. Her attentiveness to everyone makes you feel seen, heard and valued. As a Black Queer Woman, finding spaces where you are seen, heard and valued is not commonplace. Founder Gym has been this safe space for me, and Paige has been a big part of creating a welcoming environment that makes you feel free to dream big and to expect nothing less of yourself. Thank You, Paige, for your fearlessness, wisdom, and incredible spirit.” — Sonya Fox, FG Fundraising Cohort 3 Graduate and FG Money Magnet Program member

“Paige, simply put: you are truly amazing! Not because of how you lead your team during the FG cohorts. And, not because of your gifts to pull great responses out of the trainers and guests. It’s also not because of your super-human talent of connecting people. Paige, you are amazing because you know how to read people and pull the best out of them. Not just for their journey as a founder but for life in general! You gave me a book called Originals, and it meant the world to me. It inspired me to live my life as the non-conformist I am, for we truly change the world! You see what others don’t and for that I am grateful!” — Derrick “Teddy” Parson, FG Fundraising Cohort 6 Graduate

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Paige Hendrix Buckner (far left) hosts a FG Huddle for Founder Gym community members at Startup Grind’s 2020 Conference in Redwood City, CA.

“As we all faced a global pandemic, melting economy and horrific police violence Paige showed up with positive energy, focus and a contagious enthusiasm that I am so grateful for. The first cohort of Money Magnet Program occurred during a dark season for humanity… Founder’s Gym and Paige was a bright ray of sunshine!” — J. Hilton, FG Money Magnet Program member

“Paige, you always brought your best, even when I’m sure you had your fair share of bad days. It really made a big impression on me that you went out of your way to go to Julian’s funeral on behalf of our Cohort. You also inspired me when you showed up on a call and had to breastfeed your baby — you did it without apology as it should be. We loved that you were brave enough to be human in a professional setting. You are a #SuperSHEro for sure!” — Sheri Kurdakul, FG Fundraising Cohort 9 Graduate

“I’m fortunate to have met you in Cohort 7, you created and brought our cohort together as a family since day one. Your energy and positivity made the learning experience one to look forward to as we connected from all parts of the world. Your professionalism as a facilitator and teacher connected us in a genuine way that has had a positive impact long after the “course-work” ended and you enabled us to focus on being prepared for what was next. I can only hope that future cohorts have the chance to cross paths with you too. Keep doing what you do best!” — Brendan Medeiros, FG Fundraising Cohort 7 Graduate

Paige has a long history of making a big impact.

In high school, Paige was an All-American in speech and debate. In college, she was a Fellow at the United Negro College Fund’s Institute for International Public Policy, and a Clinton Foundation Scholarship Recipient. After teaching as a Teach for America Corps Member (which is where Paige and I originally crossed paths in 2008), and earning her Masters Degree in Education, Paige entered the world of entrepreneurship. She launched two businesses (selling one), co-founded an accelerator, and became a powerhouse leader in the startup ecosystem of her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

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In 2013, I visited Paige in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Here we are outside of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This was five years before we would work together to scale Founder Gym.

As Paige steps into her role as COO of Founder Gym, I asked her a few questions about how she felt about it. She gave me permission to publish them here.

Me: What do you want to achieve as COO of Founder Gym?

Paige: My role as COO is one small thread of a much larger tapestry. Every day, I show up to work with the intention that we’re shaping, connecting and empowering global visionaries who are leading innovation in their communities and their industries. What we know about underrepresented founders is that they are often the first in their communities. By acting as the role models who have walked the path first, they unlock entrepreneurial opportunities for others in their networks, so they aren’t the last.

Me: Looking forward, what are your plans in your new role?

Paige: In the coming year, I want to focus on two efforts: community and storytelling. By continuing to offer trainings — through our free Master Classes, as well as our membership programming — we can educate entrepreneurs at all stages with the information they need to make their dreams a reality. Because we have such an exceptional community, we have so many stories to tell about their wins and key insights from their journey to date. Next year, I’m excited to share that we’re leaning into our superpowers of storytelling to shine a bigger light on our FG Community and the success that our members are having.

Me: What is the impact you hope to make on the founders in our community?

Paige: During FG trainings, I often joke with our entrepreneurs that they can’t forget me when they make it big. Each person who enters our community brings unique lived experiences and expertise. We are simply here to help them uncover their brilliance, connect with other world-class professionals, build faster, and remove some of the barriers they might encounter along the way.

Please join me in congratulating Paige in her new role as COO of Founder Gym!

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Send Paige a nice message here :)

Do you want to get trained by Paige?

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Click here to register for the Founder Gym’s November 17th Master Class.

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Click here to register for Founder Gym’s November 18th Master Class.

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