Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in two or three decades.

From “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru” on Netlfix. Image credit: Hongkiat, Cross Fate City Concept by Adimono.⠀

As I was exposed to this quote in the Netflix documentary, there’s no link to share today so it looks like Alex Turnbull gets an additional free day — but that’s okay because he’s awesome and you should really check out his blog, the Groove Startup Journey. ⠀

I really like this quote. Almost the same quote has been attributed to Bill Gates, and other similar sentiments have been said by many entrepreneurs. It kind of hit me when I heard it as to how true it is for me. I’m not sure if everyone is impatient like me, but I find it’s hard sometimes to think about the longer term. I always want things to happen quick, I always want to have done things yesterday, I always want to have massively productive days and weeks and months, and basically accomplish everything I could possibly think of in a year — because a year is so long, right?⠀

I’m finding this to be an attitude of failure. I may be wrong, but It’s becoming clear that it certainly doesn’t work for me. I load myself up with these expectations, and then I’m discouraged and demotivated when the results don’t live up to them. I torture myself for not having accomplished everything that day or week, etc., and I seem to have adopted a kind of all or nothing mindset and since I didn’t achieve those outlandish goals, now none of it is worth it anymore. So I stop. But that’s so wrong-headed, it is all still totally worth it and then lots more time passes and nothing more happens.⠀

How ridiculous. I can look back at years and see it broken down into many of these moments of quitting in discouragement, whereas if I had instead just had the attitude of thinking how much I can accomplish in the long term bit by bit, I would’ve kept with things and then would be done today instead of not. I find it such a paradox. The time will pass anyways, and I think if you’re psyching yourself out today about what you need to do you may be underestimating what you can accomplish in 1 or 2 or 3 decades. Consistency is all that matters, then give it time. ⠀

Be patient and don’t be so hard on yourself.

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