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Your Venture Capital Investor is Not Your Startup Co-Founder

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Why have we shifted our concept of a “successful person” to be someone who is extremely overworked and constantly taking calls? Has busy become the new successful, or are we simply assuming one must always be working towards a career goal to achieve success?

It is easy to get caught up in entertaining and pleasing investors and their questions in the startup space. Answering emails. Taking calls. Trying to make the right decisions to please all the right people- but for what? If you don’t maintain focus on the big picture- you’ll drown in a pool of to-do lists.

Setting boundaries is not just for our personal lives but very much needed professionally.

Founders Committee is a syndicate VC made up of professionals from a variety of industries. We are investors. That doesn’t mean you need to drop everything at the drop of a dime when we call. That doesn’t mean you need to bend the truth about internal operations so that we are happy with your progress. The startup-investor relationship should be transparent, honest, and genuine with open communication. At the end of the day, we both want your company to succeed, and you, as the founder, need to do whatever is necessary to make sure that happens. That sometimes means ignoring our emails.

Don’t be the hardest working person in the room- be the smartest. Instead of tackling all the small minuscule tasks at the beginning of the day, ask yourself, “will this matter a year from now?” Your product-market fit will matter. Your hiring research will undoubtedly matter. Your product strategy will be essential. Will those “this could have been an email” meetings matter?

This may not be your conventional blog, and we don’t have the exact answer for you, but we hope this encourages you to be easy on yourself as a founder. Focus on the big picture, and don’t let us VCs bully you into pleasing us. We will be happiest when you win.

-written by: Paytra Gessler



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Founders Committee

Founders Committee

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