8 painfully-simple-yet-practical questions to scrutinise your new startup idea

1. Do I know anyone else who has the same problem? Are they consciously aware of it?

2. Are people “hacking” around the problem today?

3. Is anyone else trying to solve it? What’s wrong with what they’re doing?

4. Why would I be the right person to solve it?

5. Could I build this myself?

6. How am I going to acquire customers?

7. Is my idea heavily dependent on another company outside my control?

8. Is there any growth left?

Something I probably wouldn’t ask myself just yet: What’s the business model?

Do you agree?

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Maker of digital products and businesses @ Founders Factory. Working with easyJet, L'Oreal, The Guardian, Aviva, M&S, CSC & Holtzbrinck

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