Case Study: Tailify & Founders Factory ❤

Delivering Significant Value

Tailify joined Founders Factory in January 2017 as part of the inaugural beauty cohort. Founded in Norway and based in London, with an impressive founding team at the helm, the end-to-end influencer marketing tool makes it easier for brands and agencies to find influencers and execute, manage and measure campaigns.

During their time at Founders Factory, Tailify received support from a number of the different operations teams including;

  • The corporate venturing team who helped them to close £500k in the first 3 months of joining.
  • The product team who helped them to shape a long term and defensible vision for the platform.
  • The brand team who helped them to build a more grown-up and ‘influencer friendly’ brand.
  • The PR team who publicised the fundraise close resulting in significant web traffic uplift and inbound business opportunities.
  • The business development team who made over 20 corporate and agency introductions which culminated in a number of big partnerships with the likes of MEC, AOL and Universal Music.

One of the biggest benefits however, was the relationship they were able to leverage with L’Oréal, our beauty investor. Within the first two months of Tailify being on the programme, they were taken over to Paris to present to 90 L’Oréal executives, which resulted in them receiving 25 pilot offers straight off the back. These pilots came from from a number of L’Oréal’s brands including Lancome, L’Oréal Professional and Baxter and across a variety of markets — UK, France, US Nordics and Turkey.

All of these efforts, combined with the team’s dedication, passion and vision resulted in Tailify going on to raise £1m in funding and becoming a market leader in the beauty category.

“By working with Founders Factory we’ve managed to develop a solution that offers safety, accurate data, transparency and professionalism — something that the market have been screaming for. We’ve also been able to launch our solution globally, something that would have been much more difficult and would have required years, instead of weeks, without the help of L’Oréal and Founders Factory”. Didirk Svensden, co-founder, Tailify.

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