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Welcome To Founder’s Forge

The publication for all founders on every journey. Share your story with peers on the entrepreneurial path or glean from other founders’ trial by fire.

Welcome friends;

Axon Collective is launching our new story-based entrepreneurial publication called the Founder’s Forge. It is meant to be a periodic reflection on the untainted experience of founders in the midst of their journey. This was a concept (not original to ourselves) that we started playing with when working on our first startup idea. We believe that it creates a valuable space for entrepreneurs to share their successes and struggles, both for retrospection and requesting feedback. We want to unify these efforts so that founders have more visibility & community to share in their journey.

Why are we launching this now? Because we believe that more than ever, entrepreneurs need encouraged to share their story and unite around each other. Entrepreneurship is a forge where some get crushed by the heat and pressure, while others make it out a masterpiece. Our goal is to help empower more of the later.

If you are a founder, we welcome you to join on as a contributing writer, sharing your journey as candidly as possibly and as frequently as you see fit. As time passes we will see about curating more opportunities and mediums for presenting your story to an engaged audience. We hope that you will find the process of sharing your successes & failures cathartic, empowering, and helpful. If you ever have any questions or suggestions please reach out; we always love collaborating with engaged contributors. For all inquiries please email

If you haven’t started your founder’s journey yet, we still encourage you to engage. Jump in by reading and applauding a variety of founder stories, following the authors, and sharing thoughts and questions that are relevant & valuable to everyone involved. Then when you have finally decided to jump into the forge of entrepreneurship, come back and share your experiences to pay it forward.

We only request that everyone who engages here acts professionally with consideration for others. Please be kind and respectful to everyone’s journey and state of being, using the platform as a means for growth and support rather than personal agendas and negativity. This platform can only be as good as the comfort level participants feel for openness and honesty, so we will work to curate such an environment for as many people as possible. That said, we can not be the arbiters of truth and justice. If something inconsiderate or uncouth makes it to the public unopposed, please gently speak to it directly or let us know, graciously recognizing that we are not perfect and can’t police everything.

Finally, we just wanted to express our excitement to provide a place for founders to share their story. Some of the best learning is done through story, and the more candid & presently relevant a story is, the more applicable it can be to real life. Our passion is truly for the success of entrepreneurs and hope that this publication can provide learning that moves the needle on someone’s journey. There are many different places for founders to engage but by choosing Founder’s Forge you are joining into a community of open minded entrepreneurs who care about more than just making it… we want to make masterpieces.

Wishing you all the best;
The Axon Team



A place for founders to share their stories while in the trenches of launching businesses. A hard look at the difficulties and lessons of entrepreneurship.

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