The 20 Best Tools to Manage and Grow Your Social Media Presence

Published on | 19 May 2017

Social media has allowed businesses to completely reinvent and innovate the way they communicate with customers.

These unprecedented public platforms have the power to help all companies create a voice and personality, engage with customers directly and create entire new communities.

However, the massive amounts of data and content being created on social media can be a messy sea to navigate.

With so much content and so many accounts out there, social media strategies that succeed need to work smarter to understand the landscape and how they fit in.

The following 20 tools will help make it easier for you to create, grow and manage your social media presence.


Hootsuite is an all around social media management tool whose applicability is scalable from small business and agencies to enterprises. The company is home to a variety of products covering insights, analytics, campaigns, engagement and more. Hootsuite’s results help to streamline processes, create efficiency and encourage collaboration within social media management teams. Whatever the size of your business, Hootsuite will prove itself to be impressive and reliable.


Followers can be fleeting, and it can be hard to determine definite causality as to why they made that decision. Previously JustUnfollow, Crowdfire is a subscription management platform that helps take out the mystery of who is unfollowing you. This powerful tool has the power to individualize the masses by identifying inactive users or unfollowers, tracking what updates customers respond negatively to and view individual relationships between Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Oktopost is a trusted and effective social media management tool, especially suited for a B2B environment. Oktopost allows users to easily plan out social media campaigns and strategy and implement them into LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and any company pages. Additionally, Oktopost integrates well with many sales platforms, such as and monitors all data to generate and support analytics.


Massive amounts of data are often understood in a visual context. Cyfe is a comprehensive, infographic based dashboard to monitor your social media presence, create analytics and charge decisions. With its impressive list of plug-ins, all star client list, and user friendly interface, it’s a tool worth customizing and utilizing.

Floating Social Bar:

Widely used and regarded, the Floating Social Bar is considered the best social media plugin for WordPress. The tool simultaneously maximizes your social media account’s exposure, while never affecting the speed of the site. For WordPress users, this resource is an absolute must for increasing exposure and getting user interaction.


Pablo is a content creation tool that is specifically designed for quick, sleek and simple social media uploads. The perfect light tool for social media marketers, this resource has only a few powerful customizable features. Pablo contains specifications that cover basic layout types for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Klout creates and implements a unique scoring system to numerically analyze social media presences, known quite widely now as the Klout Score. This number, created from online analytics, strives to give tangible feedback to businesses in how they are being perceived. The Klout score of your company is a good marker for the quality of its social media presence and interactions.


Tired of having long hyperlinks clog up your copy? Bitly is a solution that not only cleans up the aesthetic of your social media, but adds value in analytics and marketing. This tool allows users to shorten links and then track their progress during their web life. It provides tangible evidence to bolster your social media presence, useful products for marketers and designers and a great way to track shareable content.


Iconosquare is a tool specifically created to monitor and analyze Instagram, one of the most rapidly growing social media networks today. Not only does the app provide a platform to field multitudes of comments and likes, but also offers tools to help grow engagement, optimization and community. Iconosquare provides statistical insights based on these factors to create and implement advanced and strategic Instagram marketing.

Target Grow:

As a crossroads between technology and personality, Target Grow seeks to put the right people in the metaphorical room together. The resource uses a smart and effective algorithm to find users that could potentially be relevant to your company’s audience. By making yourself more visible to the right personality matches, Target Grow can increase engagement, maximise results and help create a more targeted social media strategy.


Content is king, and social media is no different. With such large amounts of information coming from countless users, how would one go about analyzing it? Buzzsumo allows you to see what content has been shared the most on social media. Buzzsumo offers analytics within the context of both topic and competitors, allowing users to identify key influencers in the spheres in which they operate and track which topics are popular.


Need ears in every corner of the web? Mention is a go-to tool for social media monitoring that is currently used by over 350,000 companies. Mention has ears practically everywhere, as they monitor billions of sources in 40 languages. By harnessing and understanding this sheer amount of data, your company can react immediately, analyze influencers and track your own performance in comparison.


SoDash is a social listening tool that has a comprehensive scope. It’s widely compatible, customizable, analytical and produces useful deliverables that focus on where customers are having conversations and what they’re talking about. By using SoDash, companies can develop basic customer engagement into relationships that last.


In order to thrive as a digital presence in your field, you need to keep up to date as well as know what your competitors are doing. Feedly is a sleek aggregator that pulls online content together, such as publications, blogs and videos, to give you a customized feed of valuable data. It’s a great way to understand and keep up to date with the field you’re operating within, vital for creating a strong social media presence.


SproutSocial is a trusted professional social media management tool. Their tagline, “Schedule, Publish, Analyze” is a perfect culmination of their media approach, allowing for collaboration in scheduling, ease and efficiency in publishing and utility in analytics. SproutSocial has an impressive list of features and satisfied clients in addition to their reputation for amazing customer service.


Looking for a simple, free and user friendly Facebook analytics tool? Look no further than likealyzer. Likealyzer is a great first step for those wanting to try out analytics without having the cost of a service or the confusion of multiple platforms. It provides comprehensive reviews to promote better Facebook engagement, a review page to summarize Facebook pages as a whole and up to date Facebook statistics.


Pinterest is an amazing visual social media platform that is often overlooked by marketers. However, for some businesses such as wedding and travel, it can be a huge asset. By using Tailwind, Pinterest can become more efficient and usable for marketers. Probably the most unique feature, among a variety, is the built in Smart Calendar which tells users when the best time is to post for different boards and allows them to schedule pins to optimize results.

Friends + Me:

Friends + Me is a resource that anchors to Google+ and disperses your content from there. You can schedule content, cross promote your Google+ information to all other social media platforms, and promote collaboration within your team for these decisions. Friends + Me is a great tool for those looking to focus on one social media platform, but not give up traffic or content on the others.


While there are many social media platforms to consider, Facebook is the proven leader with over 1.55 billion active users every month. Facebook ads work well for marketers, but can be confusing for newcomers. This is where Facebook Ad Compass comes in. The best part? It’s four clicks and totally free. Compass provides insight into what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to your social media campaigns, budgets, demographics and benchmarks.


The impact of the hashtag within social media has been profound connectivity; it allows users all over the world to connect at points of impact, search more effectively, and provide trends in real time. Hashtagify is a great tool to assist marketers in hashtag creation by providing trending hashtags, and those most closely related, outlining top influencers and analyzing usage patterns.

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