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Goutham Bandaru
Founders’ Book
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2 min readAug 7, 2021


Yellow pages for first-time founders and early-stage startups.

Founders’ Book is the “world’s largest” collection of tools and resources to assist you with ideation, validation, building, launching and growing your startup.

What’s inside the Founders’ Book?

🛠 800+ Tools and platforms across 70+ categories
📖 1500+ Articles and guides on different stages of startups, founder stories, best practice guides, growth hacks and many more
🌏 Startup and founder resources across 106 global startup ecosystems (coming soon)
💰 Startup deals and credits saving you thousands of $$ on software subscriptions.
📒 Tiny guides on Product Management, UI/UX, Landing pages, MVP development and more
🤖 No-code Bible: All you need to know about the current no-code landscape, tools and capabilities
🗓 30 Day startup: One task a day to ideate, build your prototype and validate (launch in some cases) your startup
💼 Founders’ Hub: Place to document all your work
⚙ ️Tools to support your side hustle and building online communities
& a lot more!

And a Founder-Friendly community.

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At Founders’ Book;

We believe Entrepreneurship and Startups give people who come from absolutely nothing a fair shot at generating life-changing events and wealth.

We personally bet on great entrepreneurs. Some startup ideas seem impossible in the hands of one founder but inevitable in the hands of others.

Founders’ Book is a shoutout to all the entrepreneurs out there chasing their dreams and all of you inspire us!


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Happy Founding!

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