Complete Video Guide To Using

This has been on my to-do list for ages, and it took a Thanksgiving break plus getting stuck inside for a week due to smoke from the Camp Fire to finally get to it.

At long last… here is the Complete Video Guide To Using Foundersuite :)

We’ve broken up the how-to-use instructions for each product into short videos, below. But if you’d prefer to watch the whole series as one un-interrupted stream, go here:

1. One Minute Overview

2. How To Set Up Your Round

Here, we cover how to create a new round, invite team members, and more.

3. How To Add Investors To Your Board

We start by showing how to invite investors one-by-one, and the difference between individual cards and firm cards.

4. How To Import A List Of Investors

Many founders already have an Excel or CSV list of investors; here is how to import them into Foundersuite and add them to your Board.

5. How To Search The Investor Database

We have a database of 21,000 VC funds and 100,000+ angels, fund-of-funds, family offices, PE firms, hedge funds, etc. Here’s how to search the DB.

6. How To Use Investor CRM

This video shows all the features and functionality of the CRM. Use it to manage your investor funnel, keep track of activities, files and emails, track overall metrics and funding progress, and more.

7. How To Use The Investor Update Tool

This video shows how to use the Investor Update tool to create a regular newsletter. Use it to both update investors on your cap table, and to “nurture” investor prospects for a future round. Also see how to host your Pitch Deck.

8. How To Access Startup Docs and Founders Market

As an added bonus, we have a collection of 80+ templates (pitch decks, cap tables, term sheets, etc.) plus deals and discounts on Stripe, InVision, Intercom, Bench, WeWork and others.

And, last but not least… here’s the full set of how-to videos in one (30 mins):