Fundraising As A Team Sport

Nathan Beckord
Sep 27, 2016 · 3 min read

Are you fundraising? Do you have advisors or mentors, or already have some investors from a previous round?

If so, are you fully leveraging the “collective rolodex” of your network? If not, you should be.

Here’s a simple 3-step fundraising hack that can help you broaden your network and secure more warm leads.


First, get your Investor Board ready for your existing investors to play with. On the far right hand side of the Board, click the three dots and then click “Add New Column.”

Give each of your existing investors their own column to add leads to. Simple as this:


Next, you’ll need to add your existing investors to your account (you can remove them at any time). You can add as many users as you want for free.

Go to Settings → Team → Add New Team Member.

Via email, they will get an invite to become a “Member” of your account. Members can add investors to the Board and edit investor cards.



Finally, investors need a little hand-holding, bless their tiny hearts. Send them a brief note like this:

“I’m using Foundersuite to manage my fundraise. I’ve invited you to be a “Member” of my account. Can you go in and add some investor leads to our Board? Just click “Add Investor” then start typing their name. Next, move that card over to the column with your name on it so I know to ask you for the intro. Thanks much.”

In addition, you might ask them to scan your list of target investors in the Research column and see if they know any of them personally.

If so, ask them to double click the card and list themselves as “connector” so you know who to ask for the warm intro. Like this:

That’s it. You can and should be able to get a handful of new, warm leads to your Investor Board in this manner.

Good luck!

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