Soft-launching “Agent Model”

Nathan Beckord
Nov 10, 2018 · 4 min read

In recent months, we’ve seen an increasing number of i-bankers, CFO consultants, attorneys, brokers, and other financial intermediaries using Foundersuite to help their clients raise capital.

So, we did the next logical thing: we built a product specifically for this demo.

I’m pleased to introduce our new “Agent Model” which will enable you to set up a single account and then run multiple private deals / companies / projects under that account.

How To Get One

The best way to set up an account is to go to and then scroll down the page (below the fold) until you see “Do you help companies raise capital?”

Click the button and then enter your email and company name on the next screen. Keep the drop-down selector on “I’m An Agent.”

Next, start your one week free trial by scrolling down and entering your credentials. You won’t get charged until the trial is over, and you can cancel any time before the trial is up without any fees or charges.

How To Use It

Watch the video (5 mins.) <or> read steps 1–5 below.

Written Instructions:

  1. First, go to Settings and add a Photo, Name, etc. (optional).

2. Next, click the “Investor CRM” link and then the “Add New Deal” button:

3. Next, you’ll be prompted to pick what type of Deal you want.

Choose “Internal Deal” if this will be private to you and your team (associates, analysts, etc.). Give it a name and you’ll be dropped onto the Deal Board.

Choose “External Deal” if you would like to invite the company CEO / founder to be part of the deal team (and if you would like to eventually transfer the deal to him / her). Give it a name and type the name and email of the Founder or CEO of that Company (he / she will get an invite to access the account):

4. Next, you will be dropped into your Deal. Under each Deal you can set up multiple “Rounds” for example, one Round for “Seed” and another for “Series A,” or one round for “Equity Investors” and another for “Lenders” (each Round constitutes a separate investor pipeline or funnel.)

For example, this image is showing where to click to edit the “Series B Round” of the “Carnegie Steel SPV.” It also shows where to add a new Round.

Make sense? (In short, “Rounds” are nested under “Deals.”)

5. Lastly, to navigate back to your primary Account, or to create a new Deal, or to navigate between Deals, simply hover your mouse on the link above the profile photo and pick the Deal like so:

The above describes the key elements that constitute the new “Agent Model” type of account.

For a few tips on how to use the rest of the platform, including:

  • Inviting team members into the account to work with you on a Deal
  • Connecting your email to the account so that conversations are automatically logged onto Investor Cards
  • Importing your own list of investors into the CRM
  • Using the built-in investor database to build your pipeline
  • Using the Investor Update tool to create newsletters

… and more, please see our video tutorial list here:

Any questions? What features would you like to see? email us at


Master your fundraise. Raise capital like a pro.

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Master your fundraise. Raise capital like a pro.