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A Community with a voice 🎙

The Vine Community has a voice! And we wanted to share some of the podcasts from the Community and our wider network we have been listening to! During this lockdown our team have been able to catch up with so many new podcasts and it’s important to also spotlight members of our community and our wider network who have started sharing stories, ranging from entreprenurial stories to giving a platform to voices from the diaspora.

The UK podcast scene is seeing levels of interest and investment like we have never seen and with the success of podcasts such as The Receipts Podcast and techish (shout out Abadesi and Michael Berhane) we have seen a resurgance in the UK scene and it’s amazing to hear and see (if you catch a live show) so many people launching podcasts.

And within our own pipeline, we recently saw Our Day come out as one of our Demo Day winners in our Pre-Accelerator with our partners Capital Enterprise & OneTech. Our Day is a multidisciplinary management and production company. From narrative podcasts to music, they are looking to produce work across various mediums and create partnerships with artists and businesses.

Podcasts in the UK can definitely reach the heights of Serial (deemed the most popular podcast, ever) and below we have listed some podcasts we as a team are currently listening to, podcasts from the Vine Community and also those around our network we also enjoy!

Hosted by Vine Community member Kwasi Affum —The SlowMoney Podcast!
Hosted by Vine Community member dominic norton — The Hackathon Podcast even has a special Foundervine #SU54 program Episode 👀
Diaspora Talks Podcast by annette abena ✨ and just in time for Season 2!
The Bantu Collective by Vine Community member Sharon Kabubi!
The Black Millennial podcast was recommended to us by Vine Community member Ato!
Vine Community Member Anton is one half of the Tag Me In Podcast 🤩
We are fans of the Say it with your chest podcast — Latest episode focusing on Finance 💸
It needs no introduction; it’s techish by Abadesi & Michael Berhane 🤩
Interviews that explore inspiring stories that probe at the challenges and opportunities experienced by people who come from challenging backgrounds. — Special episode featuring our very own David Fisayo!
By Stephanie Itimi and focused on keeping women safe online, we love Seipod! And there’s even an episode featuring our Technology Manager Stephen Chapendama 😁

In the UK we are seeing good growth in weekly podcast listening, year on year. According to stats by Rajar, 18% of adults in the UK (15+) are now listening to a podcast on a weekly basis. Up from 14% in 2019. As a means to deliver content, educate and also share our stories, podcasting is quickly becoming one of the best ways to deliver information and also give a platform to founders we wouldn’t normally have access to.

We are so thankful to members of our community who are sharing and creating, we will continue to listen and support!



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