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Update from the Foundervine team ✨

How we’ve been coping!

As we are in this difficult time it’s important to remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. At Foundervine, our team has been able to deliver our latest virtual offerings but as we were already remote, with members currently enjoying the scenic views in Ghana (Izzy Obeng😒) and the rest of the team split across the leafy Hertfordshire, the wonderful Merseyside and the capital, London. We have however adapted our working methods, but as we have all been dealing with the changes to our everyday life, we wanted to highlight the ways that we’ve been coping and what new things lockdown has added to our lives.

It’s been a walk in the park 🚶🏿‍♂️

Cecil Adjalo has been utilising the time working from home to take up going on walks as a way to unwind and reconnect with nature! Exercise is an important part of our lives during this lockdown, and where it’s socially safe and possible, going on a daily walk can really help clear your head and also be a great way to catch that all-important Vitamin D. For those who monitor daily step counts; we know they have taken a hit during this lockdown, it might be time to start adding daily walks to your routine! And hey, remember that 5k challenge on Instagram your super fit friend tagged you on…and you ignored? Well… 👀

Who needs the outside when I can bring the outside…to me! 🌿🌾

She needs no introduction, our Program Manager Caroline is well known amongst the team as a plant parent! With many of her plants featuring once or twice during our round-robin updates on Skype, it’s no surprise that she’s added to the collection during lockdown!

And for members of our Vine Community who recently took part in our Founders Weekend, they’ll remember a certain startup looking to disrupt the plant tech space 🤭! Shout out to the team over at Grow!

La casa de papel & chill 🎭💰🤑

Dave has finally caught up with Money Heist! But that’s not all he’s been up to! Side hustles are encouraged at Foundervine and during this lockdown, Dave has been working on building a digital wealth management platform for Africans and the Diaspora to invest in tailored financial products. Hopefully, as it grows, it doesn’t end up on the Professors radar 🤣. You can check out and sign up to Wealth8 on their new site!

We have a baker in the team! (But we are still to see these treats at team meetings 🤔)

We asked for the baking tray pic…

Imelda has taken up baking, in fact, she bakes so regularly, the first time we asked for a pic…she’d already eaten the batch. So she baked again 🙃. And well, here is the second picture. But like Dave, Imelda has also been whipping up some magic in the startup kitchen! She has been working on an amazing venture launching soon, Virtual CEO! A platform where you can get your marketing, tech, or sales department on subscription and manage remote teams 🤯!

When in Ghana during lockdown…catch up with your podcast backlog 🎤

Izzy Obeng has shared some of her favourite podcasts she’s been listening to during the lockdown! Now is definitely a good time to catch up and discover new podcasts, and hey perhaps you want to start one of your own?

It’s a great combination of business, politics and current affairs on lots of different areas. — Izzy Obeng
The Daily — From the New York Times

If not a podcast, why not an audiobook? 📚🤝🎙

Like Izzy, our HR Manager Fred Osei has been enjoying audiobooks during this lockdown, he has currently finished the Nelson Mandela autobiography, Martin Luther King Jnr and Trevor Noahs autobiography. If sitting down and reading a book isn’t the best method for you to take in information, we definitely love audiobooks, and hey if you’re lucky you might get one with Morgan Freeman reading it to you! But aside all of this, Fred has been able to continue working and coaching women on tackling imposter syndrome!

And how about the one in the North?

Like Dave, our Technology Manager Stephen Chapendama has been using this time to “catch up” on shows on Netflix but occasionally when he is productive, he has been writing on Medium and just the other day, he built what he’s calling a working from home swing…in the garden! But other than that, Stephen recently published a post on how he builds his home lab for testing out cybersecurity tools for those interested in cyber:

We are always here for our community and we would love to hear from you if there’s any new skill you’ve picked up and want to share. We have our Vine Community chat where we can engage, you can send us a blog post to share with everyone or you can engage with us on our socials, from Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram!

We leave you with a collection of plants from Caroline 🌱




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