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Foundervine are always looking for writers to curate content for our community. We care for up-to-date content focused on entrepreneurship & intrepreneurship, startups and celebrating wins within our community (new ventures, career advice). We encourage you to create a Medium account as this ensures you remain the only owner of your posts and this complies with the Medium Terms of Service.

If you’d like to earn money for your posts, we encourage you to earn money through the Medium Partner Program. Based on engagement from Medium members (Especially if you write quality content picked up for curation by Medium) you can earn money behind Mediums metered paywall.

As a writer, you will keep 100% of the earnings that you earn through the Medium Partner Program.

Foundervine submission rules

We want to ensure we are always serving quality content to our community so there are a few essential things you need to know.

  1. We follow Medium’s Rules and Terms of Service as this is a Medium Publication. Before submitting your post, ensure you have read them.
  2. As explained in Medium’s Terms of Service, you own the rights to the content you create and post on Medium and therefore Foundervines Medium Publication (blog). You’re also responsible for the content you post. This means you assume all risks related to it, including someone else’s reliance on its accuracy, or claims relating to intellectual property or other legal rights.
  3. Quality is important to us, we recommend you read Medium’s Curation Guidelines before submitting content.
  4. You can edit or remove your post from our blog at any time.

Okay, now the rules are out of the way

How to get your article ready

If blogging was on your new years resolution, we want to hear from you! We enjoy fresh perspectives and experiences. We do however wish to publish high quality, professional blog posts for our community so here are our guidelines:

  1. We ask that if you have a Medium account, ensuring it has name and a bio that describes who you are. Unfortunately we won’t approve annonymous accounts.
  2. Self promotion is encouraged, but we ask that you consider what value it delivers to our community of readers as well. If you’re writing about your own venture, stories about any challenges or obsticles you overcame will always go down well with our community. Stories trying to trick users to rate your app however won’t.
  3. Images are a great way to draw in readers. You can check out Unsplash where all their images are released under Creative Commons CCO.
  4. Grammarly is every writers best friend. If you don’t have someone to proof read your work, we recommend using Grammarly to ensure any mistakes are caught before submission. You’re also welcome to ask within the Vine Community for someone to proof read your work.

Ready to publish

For first time writers who have never published with us, we ask that you email us your draft article at

  • Please do not submit content already published on Medium
  • We don’t proof read articles published on your blog, a PDF or Google Doc.
  • Include social media handles you wish for us to tag

Once you have published your first article, we will add you as a Foundervine Medium contributor and you will then be able to submit all future articles directely through Medium.



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