Miner Performance Testing: MicroBT Whatsminer M60S

Today, MicroBT announced the Whatsminer M60S at the Blockchain Life 2023 conference. We were able to get our hands on one for an evaluation.

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Authored by Lead Data Center Engineer Michael VanSickle.

Miner Performance Testing: MicroBT M60S

It’s that time of year when the largest manufacturers of Bitcoin mining hardware announce their newest equipment. Each year brings new advancements in mining technology, which leads to higher-performance miners with decreased energy consumption.

Today, we’re looking at the Whatsminer M60S — MicroBT’s first entry of the 1X J/Th era.

Whatsminer M60S Design


The Whatsminer M60S is the same form factor as the M50S and M30S. The unit we received is rated for 186/Th, though it consistently ran at 189/Th throughout our testing. The average power draw was 3485W, which makes the average efficiency 18.5 J/Th.

M60S Multi-Day Performance

When we placed the miner on High-Performance mode, we saw 199/Th hashrate, 3735W power draw, and an efficiency rating of 18.8 J/Th. The ambient temperatures swung between 60F and 80F, but the hashrate and efficiency stayed the same.

Coming Soon to FoundryX

With the Whatsminer M60S, MicroBT continues its legacy of creating high-performance miners with an emphasis on quality and reliability. Reach out to FoundryX today to discuss your plans for acquiring this unit upon availability.


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