Boring, Pointless Meetings? They Don’t Need To Be That Way

Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted your time by being in a meeting? I bet there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t put their hand up for that one.

In fact, when I’m working with a group of people or speaking in public, I often ask that question and everybody does give an emphatic “yes”. We’ve all experienced frustration of some kind while in a meeting, and we all know the joke that meetings are the only paid alternative to working for a living. So, why don’t people, and organisations, do something about it? Perhaps it’s because there are some norms of behaviour in the organisation that say this is how we run our meetings, and you can’t change it. But we should be able to change it. Who wants to waste their time sat in a meeting they don’t need to be at? Or one that has no point to it?

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Written by expert business coach Dom Monkhouse — founder of Foundry Media. Found out more about his work here: