A writer is decentralizing his green, Metaverse vision via NFT… along with the ideas.

So thanks to NFTs you can own pieces of it (and contribute new ones)…

[Updated with link to new aimed at NFT holders, 2022.]

This NFT is for an early, speculative fragment in The Spiral Metaverse

The NFT or Non-Fungible Token craze continues but people are still missing some key points. NFT potential extends well beyond art, it’s just that platforms are still being built to accommodate all they can be.

Today I’ve been some hand-written fragments with names of old stories and ideas. You can ‘own’ or collect one, but what does this mean? Well, they mean something to me: they’re fragments of a metaverse I was dreaming should exist, and in these stories may (possibly even) contain the seeds that could find new soil. It’s a way into this rabbit hole.

For I might not be able to explore or plant the seeds alone. But, what if others could take them further, by ‘owning’ base fragments and contributing their own ideas? Taking ownership of things, is a pretty powerful incentive, from the bottom-up, but with pointers.

Here is the of NFTs I’ll be providing (which could be managed by a possible DAO, if needed)…

Note: this isn’t like Loot Project, which is really interesting stuff, using unique traits — or your wallet — to generate NFT data all stored on-chain, on Ethereum. Fountellion is more conceptual, before any randomization has started. It’s a way to explore and build associated ideas first.

So what are we talking about? We’re talking standard NFTs but which are more conceptual, slightly pre-defined, and may just be extracts I’ve written, or ideas, ingredients. You could say they’re like conversation or story cards, hoping to start a story with a conversation. [Nothing v. technical, although, you hopefully can build a natural-world green version of Loot?]

What is the conversation? A bit more background…

‘Fountellion in The Spiral’, is a green ‘metaverse’ concept which originated as a VR ‘simulation of nature’ idea: always on, and always growing. It has RPG game-style elements within it which helps to explore the ‘game’ side of life.

(This previous paragraph could just as easily be one of the NFTs, with an owner having rights to expand on this idea, and contribute their version, in any format or medium. But it isn’t: NFTs I’ve selected since they may represent Core Aspects of my original vision, or simply selected aspects. A Fountellion DAO could possibly vote on further aspects, (or extracts etc) to become NFTs, who gets to own them, and also sell their interpretations of etc. But I think keeping everything as open as possible is pretty vital.)

Anyway, I’m still personally exploring Fountellion, and writing speculative fragments, and hope to write more. No-one can stop this metaverse from expanding, or being built — even if it’s just me on board.

I actually wrote some fragments as though Fountellion had already been built, in the way of classic science-fiction, including some backstory about its creators (devs and designers) and what happened to them. I thought this would add an extra layer of depth to explore. What does happen to them? I still don’t know, but I have ideas…possible outcomes…

NFT power

Other writers, creators out there may also be looking to the power of NFTs to help them in some way, but it might depend on the project. It also helps to have put time in already into outlining something that people can work with; when it comes to themes and narrative.

A Core Idea

In this case, one core idea was that a ‘natural-world simulation’, teeming with Artificial Life and a treasure-hunt game— intertwined — could help elucidate its ‘players’ about our relationship with nature (and even set them free from more addictive types of games). There are some other ideas there too.

Now we have NFTs, and it’s a next evolution — an exciting one — to imagine this simulation broken down into tiny bits — for anyone to put together all kinds of their own natural world simulations, or hybrids. This could be done via NFTs, even dynamic, or organic, ones, as with Loot.

But I still want ‘Fountellion’ to exist as I outlined, with some core ideas.

So, that’s why these ‘Core Aspects’ I’ve already put into a single NFT, and fractionalised it.

This is to preserve something intrinsic or distinctive. I currently own most of these ‘TELL’ tokens relating to it, and will hope to place them in the hands of people who share a desire too for such a virtual world.

With other people owning these aspects, it could lead to a proper DAO to govern the Fountellion concepts, and help direct a lot of its core manifestations.

Benefits of breaking down Ideas, Characters etc. into NFTs

Going back to the benefits of using NFTs to decentralize a story, its ideas, it Core Aspects, and its future elements…

Am I giving away my creations? My work? Yes, but there’s something liberating in that.

But NFTs hold the potential (and for readers, ‘owners’) to:

  • Support a project or metaverse.
  • Act as tickets into a future community which runs (and protects) the project.
  • Explore and mint connected or related NFT collections that contribute something to the look, feel or depth of it.
  • Track and catalog components.

while helping the writer:

  • to break down a vision into different parts like a tree (a platform feat. NFT ‘trees’ would be good)
  • to generate interest and attract new ideas.
  • share and the vision, fund governance, feed a community.
  • track and catalogue components.

And what if a team of ten J.R.R.Tolkiens worked on Lord of the Rings. For one thing, a lot of words would have been taken out (especially the endless descriptions of voyaging through countryside). Otherwise, it’s an exceptional example of what just one (centralised) guy can come up with, directing so much learning, backstory, character into a whole new, (the first?) RPG-type quest.

I’d say his unique vision was also entrenched in the real event of war and fighting, with WW2 going on around him, and which he’d seen first hand. Would this core, thematic energy have been lost, if it had been decentralised, with multiple people managing the story and events?

There still could be multiple endings and side-stories still to explore in LOTR however.

Without some ‘Core Aspects’ what would you have? Just one idea which could create anything completely wild, and that’s fine too. But during the course of writing stories, you find yourself wanting to organise and direct characters towards a certain purpose…and send some message.

A more organic approach

So… what will happen to ‘Fountellion in The Spiral’?

At this stage all I really know is that other people will ‘own’ aspects, ideas and items of it and find themselves able to access the project in this unique way.

I already have a lot more to keep on minting, exploring.

What they do with their ‘origin NFTs’ and starter concepts is up to them, or anyone. The content is in the public domain already. But they are more incentivised to enhance its value. Perhaps it will find value within another project created by the community.

Anyone can use tags and traits under ‘Fountellion’, ‘The Spiral’ or ‘NEWorlds’ to sell related content.

Maybe we’ll assign more rights — or less — to such NFTs in time, and the hodlers will agree.

Maybe these hodlers will be signed up to new, special publications or web3 sites.


There may be a ton of people soon using NFTs to kickstart games and ideas, with the advent of new platforms for writers, readers and projects.

Want to own the next chapter or character in a Stephen King novel, once you’ve shared a coffee with him and chatted about it?

We’re at the beginning (again) of taking ownership of things, of seeing value generated quickly — or ignored.

But some creatives will genuinely want to know what happens to their own ideas or writings when they are owned by others and taken to places they never dreamed, or could hope to dream with enough time or money.

Some will see just a quick idea started and finished by a whole load of different creatives, to some stunning effects.

There is ‘nothing new under the sun’ but there are variations and break-outs which improve on earlier ways of doing things.

I don’t really know — this is an experiment, without too much negative consequences, except loss of time for me.

Stay tuned to for links to where I’ll be minting more pieces of Fountellion, on .

Trying to decentralise a project could be laziness or ego. It could be desperation. Madness. Or just genuinely wanting to expand an idea; and share it.

Who knows where the stories end?

I’m more into ideas and growing things, less into technical LEGO bricks, however, with the right kind of NFTs defined, who knows…

There will also be debates about whether you can really ‘own’ ideas, but I think there’s a simple desire just to share them and invent value.

Fractionalising an idea, exists now with NFTs, also to help this happen, but it has always existed.

Shared ownership could do a lot, at early stages, and make things move in interesting ways.

Fountellion still needs to be finished. What is its secret? What is the Sixth Insight? I can see some outlines, but I’ve yet to experience it. Others might want more, before or after, and are able to mint an NFT about it.

Can NFTs help to take the solitary nature away from establishing an early vision and bring enough incentives to bring them about? The good ones could, yes. Or the ones with the most social following.

There are still Metaverses to build, and new worlds to conquer.

All this is happening now. Better start minting, and collecting. What ideas would you buy into, literally?

Hopefully the less gimmicky ones.

ade mc .eth

PS: Pick up an ‘origin’ .



writings & fragments relating to a first virtual ‘game’ locked within a Naturally-Evolving World simulation created by advanced technology… ‘Fountellion’.

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