Development notes: about a natural world Metaverse

Artificial Life NFT interaction plus extra reflections on ‘the green game’…

Note: This is a new speculative fragment.


Distributed, Artificial Life NFTs, in procedurally-generated ‘biomes’.

Eg. Tiaga biome / boreal forest island….

Traits included within these cyber-organic ‘native NFTs’: like rarity, growth speed, color, life-cycle, death, dangers etc. and behavioral properties. This is how the nature simulation took shape.

You can’t own nature, but you can interact with its elements and mint NFTs from ‘the fabric’. Transactions can be recorded in the dynamic nature, affecting its growth. eg. if you pick a flower, then you do ‘own’ it until it is discarded or given away.

You can take items out of the game, because more will re-generate. ‘Native, organic NFTs’ can’t be removed: they will ‘die’ beyond the variables of the system.

However, character gear and some properties can be frozen and then they could be sold, re-introduced, and some will have greater value than others.

Gear and crafted items, or pre-set starter gear, can thus, be owned and introduced by players.

At first, decentralised systems were not ready to be applied to Fountellion. A great deal of testing would be required with the A-Life; the evolving nature. A flowing, fully-dynamic game-world.

When one game session or cycle ended, and the last insight found, then Fountellion automatically re-set, with player progress and logs minted into one player NFT (?) or session history. Any crafted items and gear could be transferred into the next stage, with a variation in the biome.

Tiaga NFTs of flora and fauna evolved into the landscape, but they are randomly minting and burning themselves into being.

Emergent Behavior in the wildlife. NFTs fighting each other for survival and often ‘burning’ each other out of the game. Evolution passes to the strongest, or in fact, most suited to its environment.

In this way does such landscape also teach players about how life is continually working.

Biomes and environments: a knowledge of only one may be acquired in a session. Players with real-life survival experience may have an advantage, but the game isn’t just about survival (see the later Insights). How many Biomes have you played? Each is uniquely challenging.

There is no in-world ‘console’ to adjust settings: Fountellion is unstoppable until its life-cycle ends. Players enter within this changed landscape to spend their time in sessions. The environment will remember their interactions and history for as long as it takes for their next appearance, or session. A crafted NFT may emerge worn and battered if it has been over-used inside the world.

Fountellion is what it is: it exists as it does at this time, like the world outside.
It is completely wild. It can also wither, without enough biodiversity, trees etc.


A Personal log:

In the early days, we had to stop and think about what it was we were making, and what could be made.

An evolving, natural-world environment…a metaverse where everything had unique properties which also responded to players, and to one another.

Set within this shifting realm, RPG and other games could then be overlaid, or embedded. There were the usual batch of survival-style adventures.

But, just as with earlier exploration games like the procedural-generated ‘No Man’s Sky’, and the later ‘Revel’, the nature itself was our character, and most of the work and testing was getting ‘emergent behavior’ correct; its life-forms to evolve at a certain rate, and without things getting out of control.

You can imagine, some testers were left battling (and burning) very strange anomalies, and the sim had to be re-generated many, many times.

Once the game fabric was decentralised, it became unstoppable. Game sessions could then begin for early players, and they would continue until a life-cycle came to an end, where certain pre-set events would unfold, when finally triggered.

It really was something to behold, or just to experience. And it was certainly one aspect we wanted to create: a return of the sheer ‘presence’ of the natural world, and how we must continue to bring it back.

The other aspects well… they were pioneered by our early access, pioneering, unwitting mages…

Of course, other spin-offs would come, such as a prehistoric edition, but Fountellion was to convey an ultimate lesson.





writings & fragments relating to a first virtual ‘game’ locked within a Naturally-Evolving World simulation created by advanced technology… ‘Fountellion’.

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