Part 1: The Nature of the Game and Progression One

Fountellion in The Spiral

A gateway to a long-awaited game-world has opened for those who've found a key. This includes Dan Harvester, a guy who lives in a run-down apartment with his cat and runs a gaming channel. He's almost done playing and testing out VR games, but this one could be his final chance to - truly - level up. What can it promise to him, and all its early access 'pioneers'?  

'Fountellion' said to be 'green' game-world full of artificial life that mimics the laws of the natural world, with its shaping force of evolution. The game promises to be more than an open-world survival experience, for there are six 'insights' scattered and every player can find their own path to them. How much will Dan be changed, by his own search?

A game-within-a-game or a simulated homage to the natural world? A complete vision of an 'never-ending sandbox' design? Or all of them?

There is only one way to find out: Tune in and experience Dan's 'avalogs'. For only by completing them along with fragments from its design and development, will you too discover the vision and legacy of 'Fountellion'.




‘found’ writings & fragments relating to immersive virtual reality ‘game-worlds’ including a natural world simulation created by advanced technology… ‘Fountellion’.

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Welcome to the Cosmic Universe

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Ade M. Campbell

Writer, NFT artist + minter, explorer of new tech, games, nature and crypto: Ade’s Press:

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