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Ade M. Campbell
Fountellion in THE SPIRAL


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Note: The Prompts below are subject to updates. Fountellion is set in a Taiga island biome. However, you can change the location to match any biome or more local geography to you.

You can read the stories of Fountellion on Amazon page here, or more extracts and samples in this Publication, including the Fountellion Tarot.

  • Enter PROMPT 1:
    Write an exciting, experiential story (‘The Journey to the Dreamspire of Fountellion’) wherein immersed players of a super VR game achieve spiritual development and natural or evolutionary awareness through contact and connection with the natural world. For example, through exploration, survival, foraging, being resourceful, hunting and being hunted, and the need for collaboration against taiga biome predators. The setting is within a game map where colored regions are based on the 7 chakras of the spirit. The geography itself is based on Sakhalin Island in Russia, and contains a complete simulation of the evolving taiga flora and fauna there. (Note: There is occasionally strange, emergent behavior that will test players more. So in a sense, Fountellion is even wilder than reality.) Context: The story is about finding balance and harmony and respect for nature and spiritual growth. It’s a story about finding deeper connections through learning about a landscape and environment and respecting life, death, other people, nature cycles and evolution, animals and wildlife. Players will also come to understand evolution and change, and how they are just another part of this process. But just as with real life, there are the dangers of being a prisoner of one’s thirst for more power, suffering game addiction, being caught in a cycle. Each region hides an Insight and it’s only by playing and unlocking them, that a player can reach the last Insight, in the Dreamspire. How do you unlock an Insight? By progressing in the regions. Story: The story begins in the real world. Jon is looking for his old gamer friend, Dan who has disappeared and left him a cryptic note (5 words long) about this new ‘game’. Mention the contents of the note. Dan and Jon used to explore all kinds of games together. Sometimes, Dan would go far in trying to push a game to its limits, or breaking point. Is this one more than just a game? In Part One, Jon will explore 3 regions, the Red, Orange and Yellow regions, with relevant scenarios for a player’s personal growth aligned to the chakras. In the Red region, Jon will meet Greenwise (who transforms from a long-eared owl) who is a stoical hermit NPC who shows him how to transform into animals of the taiga and imparts natural wisdom. Transforming is one of the abilities of players. Jon notices the green eyes of Greenwise’s owl (and this is important later). Make it exciting and descriptive of specific plants and encounters with some major and minor creatures as Dan becomes immersed in interacting with the amazing details of the game. Dan learns to transform into one of them, and we learn some of its habitat. Greenwise tells him he has met Dan, and that he showed him about the island too, but lost him to the allure of the island before he was ready. Greenwise had tried to warn Dan about the dangerous rumours of a Bleak Lord in the northern region, and he also warns Jon. Jon thinks it best to learn its ways first. The Orange region near the Great River sees some wise, harsh advice from the hermit Greenwise the Guardian to Jon about getting too distracted. He tells him that game death feeds avatars to the life of the island and explains the relation of life to death in nature. Greenwise tells Jon about the need to unlock the 7 Insights across the regions. At one point Jon, in the Orange region, is shocked by his desire to hunt and kill animals and rabbits. Greenwise intervenes and tells him to respect the forest and its ecosystem. This is the extreme effects of the Orange region, the dangers of the body’s hunger. Also, a Stoker might hear him, which are dark wraiths from the air who hunt players out of the Spiral Tower in the north. Greenwise says that Stokers were once villagers turned by the Bleak Lord, losing respect for the land. Later, Dan disrespects the forest by crafting too many cunning animal traps and a Stoker attacks them. Jon and Greenwise must take shelter and make no noise, for Stokers will capture players, pin them with long lances and take them off to the Spiral Tower. In the Yellow region of High Trees, Jon is able to use his powers to climb a Great Cedar Tree. He transforms into a damselfly near the river, and then a red squirrel to gain a view across the island, and a glimpse of the Tower with the Dreamspire on top. Greenwise soon tells him he is ready. Part One ends with Jon looking out of the Yellow region (on top of the Great Cedar Tree) into the sights of the Green region (a flickering Fountain of some kind). In the far distance is the Spiral Tower. How is the world shaping Jon, and he in turn, this persistent virtual world? He has learned many nature skills and awareness including foraging. He has changed. Despite his own exhilaration with the game, he feels concern for Dan. How has his friend changed? He must reach him in the Dreamspire on top of the Spiral Tower. What has happened to Dan? Can the Spiral Tower be destroyed? Greenwise is only silent, and transforms into a long-horned owl, flying off, leaving Jon feeling alone. Write Part One via a prologue, chapters and an epilogue, each containing a tantalizing ending. Feature action, description and encounters with the wildlife, both minor and major. Only use flora and fauna from a real boreal island ecosystem. Elaborate and expand creatively, but tie in the colored regions to Jon’s spiritual growth as the game begins to change him, as he in turn influences this persistent gameworld, and learns how he relates to the wisdom of the colored chakras.

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  • Next, enter PROMPT 2:
    Jon follows the river and sees the shapes of the Stone Circle, noticing and exploring more of the flora and fauna of the taiga. He loves the huge, solid, silent nature of the stones. He has been continuing to change and grow according to the wild spirit of the game and now these landmarks are more calming: the inspiring colorful Flickering Fountain within the Circle of Stones with restorative power, and the honest work among a village of Embertime, where good-natured permaculture farmers live in small round houses called the Emberfolk (in the Green region, the key part of the story). Convey how Jon is changed by permaculture, working with nature directly to help the soil, creating a swale, or a fruit tree guild or any other technique. Describe this positive process since it will help Jon later on. Jon meets briefly a beautiful girl (another player) who dwells in this village. She has found three of the seven Insights but now only plays the game to garden and learn how to work with the land, as in reality. Jon almost wishes to do the same, but remembers he must be leaving. In the Blue region, Jon notices blue damselflies darting near the water of the forest lakes. The water makes him think about the flowing, slow spoken language of the Emberfolk which Jon tells himself he will master one day, since it sounds almost like music. On the outskirts of Embertime, the Stokers return suddenly via an attack on villagers farming. They are attacking outside for they cannot enter the village sanctuary. It’s an exciting encounter where Jon recognises Dan among the Stokers but he’s unable to reach him. Dan the Stoker even manages to pin a villager and take him away, up into the sky. Dan can only be suffering from game addiction, but he does not see or hear Jon. Did Dan want him to become a Stoker of the Dreamspire, haunting the island, or to be saved? Jon can’t return to the village in time, so has to flee and leave it behind, seeing some of his village friends taken prisoner, hiding out in the forest. Having escaped the attack, Jon finds himself in a ruined monastery back in the green region, but feeling lonely again and missing Dan’s company. Jon feels a mix of anger and betrayal, but still wants to reach Dan. However, he has an encounter with a Sakhalin wolf of the island. This reminds him that nature is always moving on and changing. Jon must progress through the Blue region, to reach the Spiral Tower in the Indigo region and help the imprisoned villagers (the tower is getting higher, casting more of a shadow). First, Greenwise tells him to choose a path: either cross the misty Forge Mountains or cross the marshy Phantom Wastes, down into the Dark Gorge where lies the Blue Forge, a fire of dreams. Jon can hear a cry from above and decide to transform into a sea eagle to cross the Forge Mountains, or he can enter via the Dark Gorge. At the Blue Forge, the saying goes that where the Forge burns it shapes the rise and fall of the Spiral Tower (above in the Indigo region). Therefore, the Gorge is another route into the Spiral Tower, from beneath it. However, players can pass only if they have enough of the Insights, otherwise the Forge will imprison them and change them into a Stoker. Playing or singing Emberfolk music to the Blue Forge make the flames burn lower and allow Jon to pass through the Forge and up to the foot of the Spiral Tower. Now in the Indigo region, the trees are black and drunk-looking around the Spiral Tower, and there is white sand around it, as he enters through its intricate, ancient door. To his surprise, the door opens easily, as if wanting him to enter. He’s relieved. Entering the Spiral Tower Jon starts to love the stronger powers he has there and to want to go higher up. There are gateways and half-open doorways to other virtual worlds and other simulations, space games, fantasy castles and fighting games that he can explore, and magnifications of desires with delicious food and sweets. Also, there are worlds for the mind: laboratories, factories, amazing machines and cold, mechanical lands. Jon keeps climbing, for it is all a trap of the mind to drain his power, with illusions and reflections but he will need to remember his nature roots and insights achieved, to see through them. At its very top lies the misty, violet Dreamspire, where the Bleak Lord (an unstoppable NPC, an opposite to Greenwise) hides and sends forth the Stokers. Jon must reject a temptation by the Bleak Lord to ascend to the very top of the tower, into the Dreamspire (the Violet region). He recalls his friendship with Dan, the traps he created earlier (a bit like the trap of the Spiral Tower itself) and the good times working with nature in the village. These memories enable him to break apart the Dreamspire, and then the entire Spiral Tower and this releases them both. The Bleak Lord falls and disappears, and Dan and Jon manage to transform into long-horned owls and escape (because Jon remembers the green eyes of the owl of Greenwise in Part One) landing beside the river. A Violet light bursts forth and illuminates the landscape, breaking apart the Dreamspire itself. All the Stokers are released and transform back to villagers or other players who were taken and changed. The revelation is that the 7th Insight is not in the Dreamspire at all. It is Fountellion itself, its nature, and the spiritual connection of a player to themselves, to others and to the life of Fountellion. Jon has enough Insight to appreciate this final Insight to resist seeing more. Both Jon and Dan learn the power of friendship and balance, in between the extremes of the body’s hunger and the inventions of the mind. Epilogue: breaking the Dreamspire and sinking the Spiral Tower also has revealed the need for a different reality for themselves beyond the game, and a more natural one, inside it and outside. With Dan’s avatar restored, this enables him to re-immerse in the more fascinating and restorative boreal landscape of Fountellion, which is now a less shadowy place, without Stokers haunting it. All the colors of the region glow with power again, the Fountain flows strongly and there are celebrations and music in the village. For now the villagers can roam in safety again, the Fountain can flow higher and nature soon begins to return in the Indigo region, where only an outline of the Spiral Tower remains. They return to the real world changed and keen to protect Fountellion with its experiential message of balance, because it can free other players too from game addiction. However, they realise too that the Bleak Lord and the Spiral Tower forever rises and falls ‘as long as the Blue Forge burns’ (a saying of the Emberfolk in Embertime). Jon and Dan plan to apply their skills to real life and no longer play so many games which are merely more towers in the sand. They have played the ultimate game and are now Keepers of Fountellion. A final message is that if the balance of nature is disturbed within Fountellion, and its nature starts to die, then it will also be the case in the real world also. Now write Part Two, again with descriptive elements and some exciting action. Write a prologue, chapters and final epilogue, each closing in a tantalizing way. Do not include fantasy flora and fauna.

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  • PROMPT 3 (The Text Adventure Prompt)
    Here is info for a text adventure from this entire book outline, where players may wander through any region they like and learn experientially, learning survival skills, nature lore or about evolution and interconnection, which leads to spiritual growth. Include some detailed information about what is occurring in nature in a taiga landscape. Fountellion is a mix of reality, spirituality and fantasy. Doing so will achieve Progressions and also unlock a spiritual Insight in each region (relating to their connection with nature, their personal development and the game). Players are free to do anything they want, but they may die or be kicked out of the game by Greenwise. Players can also get lost or distracted by making bad decisions, use up too much Power, deplete their energy and get captured or imprisoned to become Stokers haunting the island. Include negative options to mislead or distract the player occasionally. Players must achieve 7 Insights by completing 2 ‘Progressions’ in all regions. Progressions are activities or small quests, involving contact with the natural world and respect for it. If players die the game ends, but they have an option to restart in the Red region, next to the tidal estuary (they will not lose Insights gained, but they will lose Progressions). Players begin in the Red region. Soon, Greenwise arrives (transforming out of a long-eared, green-eyed owl) and introduces some basic facts about the game and how the island is split into colors to represent aspects of the human spirit. He introduces the objective to achieve Progressions and attain the 7 Insights. He also explains about powers of transforming and super-jumping. Suggest that players can also enter commands at any time they wish, eg. ‘Help’, ‘Read the landscape here’, ‘Summon Greenwise’, ‘Check my Progression’ etc. Only use flora and fauna from a real boreal island ecosystem. Do not include fantasy flora or fauna. The game will need to feature elements from the story such as: game advice and natural awareness from Greenwise, awareness of natural processes: learn how evolution is working everywhere, how energy in nature is constantly transferring via the food chain of Fountellion. These can lead to achievement of Progressions. Players can visit his small permaculture orchard (Red region), the Great Cedar Tree (Orange region), the Flickering Fountain and Stone Circle, the Village of Embertime and the Ruined Monastery (Green region), the Village of Embertime and its diverse permaculture farms, lakes and The Dark Gorge leading into the Blue Forge (Blue region), entering the Spiral Tower (Indigo region). Do not give players an option to enter the Dreamspire (the Violet region) within the Spiral Tower unless they have achieved 6 of the Insights. Note: If they have got 6 insights, then players can be given an option to enter the violet region, the Dreamspire, within the Spiral Tower. If they choose to reject the offer then they achieve the 7th insight and can be released from the tower and it will fall, crumble and sink into the sand. Otherwise they are allowed entry into the Dreamspire where they can confront the Bleak Lord. However, he will change them into Stokers (they must play again). The 7th Insight is the spiritual connection of a player to themselves, to others and to the natural life of Fountellion. The message in unlocking this is about living closer to nature and working with it. Include sudden attacks by Stokers hunting for players where it’s necessary to be resourceful and stealthy or to distract them. Clever use of the landscape can help. If players use Powers to try and evade Stokers then they can be noticed by Stokers and attacked and imprisoned in the Spiral Tower (the adventure will end and players restart in the Red region). Note that the Bleak Lord lives in the Dreamspire in the Spiral Tower and can only be defeated there. Provide starting options. Allow for options to transform into animals and perform super-jumps across the landscape. This can help find Progressions, and appreciate aspects of the taiga food chain. Place priority on choices for hunting, growing food, crafting and general survival for the maintenance of Energy and Power levels and increasing awareness of natural processes and evolution. Be creative and create alternative endings and exciting scenarios. Include options which teach permaculture techniques for working with the land such as hunting, fishing from the rivers, saving seeds, reading the landscape and weather, working with villagers in permaculture, planting fruit tree guilds and encounters and interactions (and subsequent appreciation of) flora and fauna, which achieve Progressions.

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  • Final PROMPT
    Ok, now let’s start playing the game. Give me multiple-choice starting options and during the rest of the game. I should also tell you my name.

(This can produce varied results. It’s up to you how you want to interact with the game. You can play by entering commands at any point as you like throughout the game. It’s recommended to get Chat-GPT to give you multiple-choice options.

You can also enter: ‘Change the writing style to be for 10 year olds plus’ etc.


Green-wise wishes, and progression!


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Fountellion in THE SPIRAL

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