SUPER-LOG 1: Awakening

Waves… breaking…

New #VR #SPIRAL world now in development is reported to be an ‘ultimate game’ …a ‘green game’ deeply-rooted to the natural world / the Source… Is it really disruptive? What do YOU want from this? Let us know… @spiraltimes #greengame #fountellion

Waves… breaking… Right now I’m thinking of them. I think of their sound, and I know they’re the simulated waves that fall across the…




‘found’ writings & fragments relating to immersive virtual reality ‘game-worlds’ including a natural world simulation created by advanced technology… ‘Fountellion’.

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Ade M. Campbell

Ade M. Campbell

Writer, NFT artist + minter, explorer of new tech, games, nature and crypto: Ade’s Press:

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