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Ade M. Campbell
Fountellion in THE SPIRAL


Welcome to the future, and the past…

  • The Spiral = a metaverse of connected VR game-worlds and super-spaces, best accessed via The Spiral Interface (and others).
  • Fountellion = a green, growing ‘game’ teeming with artificial life wherein lie the ‘Insights’ — virtual visions hidden for every player to (personally) find, and through their finding come to ‘understand’ or appreciate Nature from its perspective.
    Development work on Fountellion ‘fabric’ also led to the emergence of a ‘green metaverse’ of virtual NEWorlds or ‘garden worlds’ and survival games based on its groundbreaking code.
  • N.E.W.orlds = Naturally-Evolving (Virtual) Worlds : habitable nature models using A-LIFE NFTs to build a growing, green metaverse. [They can also be Autonomous Worlds, but some of them are ‘locked’ at genesis with a certain configuration or biome replicated.]

[Note: You’ll find many of these ideas + fragments relating to (these, ‘origin’) stories of Fountellion in The Spiral (the first ‘green game’) also as collectible NFT via Opensea. Although all writings in this publication are CC0 public domain, NFTs are a way (like tickets or keys) to categorise, protect and potentially expand the project towards a connected, interested community who can oversee the concepts (and even their realisation one day as a living game-world). See the new project site at Gitbook aimed at potential NFT and TELL holders.]

Themes/questions raised include:

  • Did the legacy of Fountellion help players to re-discover the natural world, or did its super-realism affect society in negative ways, with greater addiction and escapism into its virtual world?
    The latter was not the intention of the renowned (and later reclusive) designers and developers. The story may include ideas about the results of unforeseen ‘emergent behavior’ in its players (not just its AI), when human nature is offered such powerful reflections.
  • What is the potential of such futuristic games and worlds to change or help ‘green’ society via experiential learning which awakens the spirit to a heightened awareness of Life, or environment; where we ‘fit in’ to it.
  • The concept of a ‘green garden’; a wild metaverse for exploring nature, and preserving it.
  • What is the relationship between The Spiral and Fountellion?
  • Did the creators embed hidden ‘fail-safes’ into one, which would affect the nature of the other, in the event of — possibly negative — influence or imbalance emerging in the worlds, and into The Source (external reality). [Read ‘Spiral 2.65’, genesis short story.]

Fragments, ideas & stories

Currently, you can find earlier entries about Fountellion in The Spiral on Wattpad, but followers on Medium will see their migration (and updates) of the better fragments… on here. This process is helping me revisit the project + via the power of NFTs.

So… a warm welcome to this Medium publication which will be home to ‘genesis’ contributions about a green metaverse, and hopefully more.


[And by way of background still check out The Spiral Times earlier website].

NFTs for main characters, art, concepts and fragments will be released onto blockchain via Opensea (Ethereum), which can act as ‘keys’ into a community and future. This may also help protect the future of the concepts + project. Sales go towards fostering a community. More about this ‘decentralising’ move under the NFT section and on Gitbook site.

Anyone is welcome to contribute their own fragments — or just ideas — to this publication, referencing the origin labels and ideas. Please contact via Ade’s Press or just submit something for consideration here.

Note: So the story and nature of The Spiral — with its beating (green) heart Fountellion — are already ‘decentralised’ concepts, they only await anyone who wishes to immerse themselves, to paint or to color them, and contribute more to them.

Stay tuned.


‘For they say that those who ‘find’ Fountellion… find themselves.’
- from the game teaser trailer


Ade mc, August 2021. [updated 2022 referencing NEWorlds and Gitbook site]



Ade M. Campbell
Fountellion in THE SPIRAL

Writer, artist, permaculture explorer of new tech, generative AI, VR, web3, NFTs: Ade’s Press