Logical Pursuits of Happiness=Fitness

Our Innate Desires, and Acquiring Capability to Pursue Them

Poonam Gupta
Oct 10, 2019 · 9 min read

In My last blog, I had talked about holistic fitness and discussed in detail physical, mental and spiritual fitness. They are nothing but the fitness of body, mind and soul. In this blog, I would talk about our innate desires, our pursuit of happiness and how it related to fitness.

Before I build on the premise relating pursuit of happiness is fitness, first of all, I would like to mention that, all human beings (in fact, I feel all life forms but here I would restrict myself to humans) at every given point of time are trying to maximise their happiness quotient or minimise their sadness quotient.

Hence, all humans are programmed to be intrinsically selfish.

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mean to say anything bad here but only the truth. Even when we are doing something for the people we love, or for a social cause, for the environment, it is driven by our desire to be happier. The root of all my desires is in my existence and hence if all my desires are for making me happy there should not be any surprise in this.

On thought level, this is probably the only unifying principle for all humans or maybe all life forms.

So, stop feeding yourself and others lies that you’re doing it for the society, or for your old parents. You’re doing it for yourself. And we don’t need to be ashamed about it. This is how we are programmed.

NOTE (For Atheists and Non-Believers):

  1. Non Worldy Desire: Non-worldly desires are where the world as such has no place. You innate desire to know the all-pervading consciousness that is the underlying principle of all creation completely. Your desire to know the fabric of creation and underlying cause of all creation. This is equivalent to knowing your own self. Basically, your desire to know the SELF/GOD is non-worldly desire. In non-worldly desire our outlook is inward and internal not external.

How? I will tell you, HOW…

With every action, inaction, association and event, we either learn something or unlearn something about ourselves. In fact, all the associations and relationships that come in our life, come to teach us about our own self, not about something external to us. So, even if we are not consciously doing it, we are making progress on our journey to know ourselves better which is what spirituality is all about.

Hence, I have written the logical pursuit of happiness is fitness.

Now, for finding your own fitness lifestyle, you need to ask yourself, what are your innate desires. Because your innate desires will determine how much time and focus you give to physical, mental and spiritual fitness respectively. Other factors would be your current responsibilities, your resources, and your existing thirst for your desires.

  1. Krishna wants to represent India in the Long jump (Extreme Physical Fitness)
  2. And Mahesh wants to devote himself completely to his spiritual goals (Extreme Spiritual Fitness)

Let’s discuss the case of Ram:

Now, Let’s discuss the case of Krishna

Let’s discuss the case of Mahesh, now:


I tried to take 3 extreme cases, now a person can be a combination of all three or many different desires. You have to find out your fitness regime in the alignment of your desires. Your priority list, your resources, your current location etc would also play some role in it.


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Plantmade is a vegan brand creating plant based alternatives to animal based food items like egg, meat and dairy. Our first product would be vegan scrambled egg.

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Plantmade is a vegan brand creating plant based alternatives to animal based food items like egg, meat and dairy. Our first product would be vegan scrambled egg.