My Own Rulebook of Holistic Fitness

Acts, Ideas and Rules I adhere to Keeping Myself Holistically Fit

Poonam Gupta
Oct 15 · 14 min read

In my previous blog, I had discussed how logical pursuit of happiness is fitness and it is extremely personal. One has to make their fitness regime according to their desires, resources and responsibilities. Some misunderstand fitness here to be physical fitness. When I say fitness, I mean, holistic fitness (Physical, mental and spiritual ).

In this blog, I would discuss what I do keep myself holistically fit and strive towards being fitter every moment. The rules that I follow, the diet that I follow to keep myself in good shape physically, mentally, and spiritually.

All though there is no real segregation. What I do for physical fitness, improves my mental and spiritual fitness too. But it’s like strengthening Maths would improve your Physics too but if you really want to improve your Physics then you have to understand its concept well before applying Mathematics to it. Hence, I make direct efforts at my physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Let’s start with physical fitness.

Physical Fitness

I am very fond of travel. And I travel extensively over the weekends. And hence, my week is physically very demanding. Because over the weekdays I work and almost all the weekends I travel to distant locations with Bae. And these travels are really hectic trust me. And hence, it is very important for me to keep myself physically fit so that I meet the requirements of my personal, and professional life. The key to it is a very strict discipline that I follow.

Following are the rules that I follow with almost 95% of the times (A little bit of flexibility as per need is essential too):

General Routine and rules:

  1. I wake up at 5:30 am almost daily. In case I am tired or for some reason, I could not get good sleep (A dog sits just outside my room and at times keeps barking the whole night, not letting me sleep!! Yeah funny and sad :P ) then I allow myself to sleep till 6:30 or 7 but it is rare.


I am not a foodie but I am very picky about food and love rice. So, I allow myself certain indulgence and about certain I am very strict.

  1. I eat lots of rice daily. And hence, I burn a lot of calories too. Because I don’t feel I have eaten anything unless I eat rice. I remember once, in college, we were coming back from a treat at Dominos and I said can we stop somewhere to eat Fried rice. I feel hungry. Everyone was like WTF!! :/ :/

So, you can allow yourself certain indulgence sometimes. But earn these indulgences and be conscious of them. Also, don’t let yourself lose. Eat slowly and in limited quantities. You don’t have to eat the entire pizza if you’re craving for it. Share it with people. Take only 1 or two slices. Eat them slowly and relish them fully. And make sure, you burn what you eat. Else you would have to carry it around your belly, thighs, arms, face etc etc.. I am sure, you don’t want that :P

These are the rules I follow to keep myself physically fit. Not able to stick to all of them strictly when I travelling but I try to follow as much as I can without being obsessive about them.

Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is very important to all of us but we tend to ignore it. Being mentally fit is important for excelling in physical fitness as well. I consciously take certain steps every day to keep myself mental health in good shape.

Following are the rules I follow very strictly to keep my mind healthy.

  1. Minimising Screen Time: My work is such that it requires me to engage on laptop and mobile quite a lot. And I have felt that too much engagement with the screen is not good for me. And hence, I limit my screen time by doing the following things. I do not use the phone for almost after half an hour of waking up. In fact, more often than not, I do not switch on my internet until I come back from the gym. As a policy, I never take my phone to the gym. I switch off my internet in the evening at around 7:30 to 8:30 pm. After that, I do not communicate with the world at all. Not even Bae. For work, I do the basic groundwork on pen and paper before opening the laptop. Even for this blog, I had written all the points in my diary in detail and now I am just elaborating them. I don’t chat a lot. Only basic requirements. Not a continuous exchange of messages with anyone. All of this saves me a lot of screen time. Good for my eyes and mind.

Now let me discuss things that I do for my spiritual fitness.

Spiritual Fitness

Honestly, spiritual fitness and my spiritual goal is most important to me. All the other things and activities are planned in alignment with it. So that I can pursue my spiritual endeavours without much hindrance to my knowledge and ability. Following are the things I do and rules I follow to keep my spiritual progress going:

  1. Contemplation, Meditation and Chanting: I spend 20–30 mins in the morning and 20–30 mins in the evening in contemplation, and chanting daily. I chant Hanuman Chalisa, Siddha Kunjika Strotam Mantra, Mahamritujnay Mantra, Dwashdash Akshara Mantra of Vishnu, and Beej Mantras of the Chakras. There is no fix pattern and numbers to this. It keeps varying every day. But I chant Hanuman Chalisa daily 7 times. Other than this dedicated time, I keep chanting the name of Rama almost perpetually when I am not working or when not engaged anywhere else. I keep chanting his name all the time. I would write another blog on the scientific breakdown of vibrations of Rama and Ravan. And how chanting Ram keeps uplifting you spiritually.

6. Listening to Devotional Music and Chants: Listening to devotional music and chants also helps me in keeping myself spirutally fit. Some of these songs fill me with lots of devotion and love for the supreme conscious being and life force that powers everything in this creation. This devotion and love flows through my entire being and makes me feel really light, peaceful, and still. Listening to devotional songs is very helpful in lot of ways. Because, even in your spare time, you’re thinking, listing and contemplating only about the all-pervading lord/God/Consciousness/Self. Hence, the association with materialistic and worldly things becomes week day by day. You would hum these songs only. But if you listen to other kinds of songs, namely, romantic etc then your mind would keep going back to them, humming them, thinking about them. This powers your association with the world. For example, when I used to listen to Punjabi songs. I would keep humming them, the video would keep flashing through my mind every once in a while and generating similar tendencies. And hence, I consciously stopped listening to other songs. Following are some of the of songs I listen on repeat mode very often:

Out of all of these Shri, Hari Strotam is my favourite. And I listen to it daily almost on repeat mode. And this has been going on for over two months.

Broadly this is what I do to keep myself holistically fit. All of this is subject to change and evolution. And all of this is deeply personal too. This has evolved over time. I have made it to suit my desires, resources, and life goals. Hence, you need not copy it or apply it to yourself. You just need to be Raj Hans and take what is good for you and leave rest. If you don’t believe in God and spiritual endevours then just skip it.

My agenda is to explain that fitness is an extremely personal endeavour and you have to make your own fitness regime to suit your desires, needs, resources and life goals.

I submit this work to the all-pervading, ever-present, immanent, transcendent, timeless, and omnipresent supreme consciousness.

Hari Om Tat Sat _/\_

Four Pursuits Ventures

Four Pursuits Ventures is an incubator for people and ideas that have the potential and passion to bring the social transformation towards a more just, equitable and hospitable world.

Poonam Gupta

Written by

I am working as a Manager, Strategy & Operations at Four Pursuits, which is a social impact incubator

Four Pursuits Ventures

Four Pursuits Ventures is an incubator for people and ideas that have the potential and passion to bring the social transformation towards a more just, equitable and hospitable world.

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