Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
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Four Weeks of a Weak Deal: Day Eight

Parchin Military Complex

The March 18, 2014 bipartisan letter sent to President Obama from 83 U.S. Senators outlined specific requirements for the final nuclear agreement with Iran, including the monitoring and closure of the Parchin military complex — a location previously suspected of nuclear weapons testing.

“We believe Iran has no reason to have an enrichment facility like Fordow, that the regime must give up its heavy water reactor at Arak, and that it must fully explain the questionable activities in which it engaged at Parchin and other facilities.”
Eighty-three U.S. Senators, Letter to President Obama, March 18, 2014

However, in the IAEA Director General’s Statement and Road-map on past and present nuclear program issues, the issue of the Parchin military complex is left out of the main text of the Iran nuclear agreement and is instead hidden in a secret side-deal.

Road-map for the Clarification of Past & Present Outstanding Issues regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program

5. Iran and the IAEA agreed on another separate arrangement regarding the issue of Parchin.

Diverting the Parchin issue to a secret side agreement separate from the main text of the Iranian nuclear agreement inhibits Congressional scrutiny on a matter of central importance to the deal itself.

This also fails to satisfy the requests for intrusive investigations made by the bipartisan group of U.S. Senate and obscures a critical part of Iran’s nuclear weapons program from the eyes of Congress.

This post is part of the series “Four Weeks of a Weak Deal,” outlining portions of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that fall short of expectations.