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Four Weeks of a Weak Deal: Day Six

The Arak Heavy Water Reactor

Last March, a bipartisan group of 83 Senators sent a letter to President Obama, in part stating that Iran must give up its heavy water reactor at Arak as part of any nuclear agreement.

“We believe Iran has no reason to have an enrichment facility like Fordow, that the regime must give up its heavy water reactor at Arak, and that it must fully explain the questionable activities in which it engaged at Parchin and other facilities.”
Eighty-three U.S. Senators, Letter to President Obama, March 18, 2014

But as the JCPOA makes clear, Iran is entitled to not only keep the Arak facility open, but actually “modernize” it.

JCPOA, Section B, Paragraph 10

10. There will be no additional heavy water reactors or accumulation of heavy water in Iran for 15 years. All excess heavy water will be made available for export to the international market.

Annex 1, Section B, Paragraph 2

2. Iran will modernise the Arak heavy water research reactor to support peaceful nuclear research and radioisotopes production for medical and industrial purposes ….

The JCPOA fails to address the concerns of 83 Senators with regards to the Arak heavy water facility — just another reason this weak deal is a bad deal.

This post is part of the series “Four Weeks of a Weak Deal,” outlining portions of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that fall short of expectations.

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