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I was treated to a great lesson on influence at a conference I attended a few years ago. The speaker was Justin Elam and his message was one he has been sharing for a while now about how to equip others by asking questions vs. providing ready answers. The outline of his talk started with this Strauss quote:

“The wise person doesn’t give the right answers. They pose the right questions.”

I am not sure if you are anything like me, but I find I am too often tempted to engage people proactively with my “t-shirt cannon of wisdom.” Like…

Food 4 Thought from four4soaring

We don’t have to change, we GET TO change.

The brevity of that mantra and the substitution of the words “get to” for “have to” or “must” evokes anticipation, engagement, and action.

At least it feels like that is what the “influencers” and leaders who started introducing this “get to” language intended?

I am excited to bring you the Food 4 Thought, with the intent of sparking new ways to look at and approach our life, tackle the changes we are faced with, and maximize the opportunities to build our growth mindset.

Recently, I was struck by this quote from multifaceted artist Stephen Fry’s memoir:

“We keep our insignificant blemishes so that we can blame them for our larger defects.”

It strikes me that I am doing this all too often as I dwell on the many trivial trials and stumbling blocks on the road to improvement.

How am I showing up…

Shortly after the 1973 original West World movie and Yul Brynner’s performance as the evil android* but decades before HBO’s current West World series with its eerily lifelike cyborgs, there were two (much more “rudimentary”) 1970’s TV cyborgs** that captured the hearts, imaginations, and minds of the American public.

*Androids=typically inorganic robot facsimiles of humans like Fembots or the old West World hosts (all technology) **Cyborgs=organisms that are partially organic and partially (robotic) technology like our bionic heroes or the newer mostly organic west world hosts

…we have the technology…

…better, stronger, faster…

These words are etched into my brain…

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If you’ve been reading Four 4 Soaring for any length of time, you have figured out I have some heroes in the “leadership and blogger world” and one of them is Seth Godin. I recently listened to his Akimbo podcast and he shared some pretty interesting concepts around how groups roll out initiatives and processes versus our perception of how that works.

Seth’s underlying theme is that we are often mislead when we think of a process, change, or initiative being led by a master manipulator, or in his podcast analogy, a homunculus.


ho·​mun·​cu·​lus | \ hō-ˈməŋ-kyə-ləs \

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I am excited to bring you an installment of Four4Soaring, with the intent of sparking new ways to look at and approach life, tackle the changes we are faced with, and exercise our collective growth mindset as we grow.

Part 1: Funny thing is…Humor is serious business

“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” Dwight David Eisenhower

Friends, things have been rough for a long while now. …

I think anyone who reads my content with any regularity probably has a sense that I am one who reads a great many leadership books and soaks in more than my share of non-fiction. Long time readers are likely to know that I have an affinity for the fantastical as well. The reality is that whether it is books, podcasts, YouTube videos (or any type of consumption) my tastes are not only eclectic, but they are randomly indulged.

At any given moment in time, you might find a fantasy novel on my bookshelf next to a Seth Godin book. If…

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I once heard an amateur activist chorus deftly adapt the 12 Days of Christmas into a powerful message they were trying to convey, by springing their message on the listeners-out of the blue-with a thrilling operatic soprano at the end.

…and….a….p-aar tridge in aaaaaaaaa pearrrrr treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

That got me to thinking about the end of this relentlessly taxing year and endings: specifically intentional, impactful endings

Author, Dan Pink, who published a book about maximizing the productivity and impact of your work and your life, called When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, says this about endings:

Endings have a disproportionate…

In these troubling times many of us have experienced change or loss.

While the sting of those losses, some professional, too many personal and all deeply impactful, remains with us, we find ourselves facing the winds of change, off balance and chasing who we used to be. In the aftermath, many of us find ourselves wearing a new hat or potentially multiple hats in whatever new paradigm we land in. This is probably exciting for some and scary for others. My bet is the majority of us feel both ways!

That is normal, that is OK.

I want to take…

I am a guy who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s and as such I have been Easy Bake Oven cooked, MTV blasted and Slip and Slide soaked, from childhood, in cartoons, TV shows, and movies that predicted the future.

Judy: Zoom, Dad, Zoom! (uses hip 60’s lingo to encourage George to play the futuristic drums fervently)

Jet Screamer sings: “Eep Op Ork Ah Ah” (Screamer, a futuristic teen singer with a sublimely genius songwriting gift, plays an equally fervent guitar riff)

In the classic 1962 Hanna-Barbera 60’s cartoon series The Jetson’s, well into afternoon reruns when I…


Stories about the 4Ls to Live and Soar by : Light | Love |…

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