A cure for AIDS through herbs and spices

“Spices” by monicore — CC0

Scientists and doctors are always searching for the answer to the question “what will cure…”, but new scientific advancement in medicine, that may seem unorthodox to some, might have the answer to that question.

For years herbalists have used the traditional ways of healing — natural remedies and plants. Colds, rashes, infections and even diets have been regulated by plants and organisms that have not been chemically modified. Like prescription medicine, as the technology advances, so do the advancements in herbal healing.

The combination of herbs, spices and what we know as western medicine have been used to cure diseases such as malaria, dysentery and even diarrhea.But what people don’t know is that herbs and spices alone can have cure some of the same, if not more detrimental diseases, like HIV/AIDS.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), is a virus transmitted my sex, injection drug use or other activities where bodily fluid is transmitted. In 1920, it was believed to have originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo when the disease crosses species from chimpanzees to humans. By 1980, HIV was said to have spread to five continents, including North America.

According to the Center for Disease Control, one of the world’s most persistent problems is HIV/AIDS which still has no cure, but there has been “great progress” in preventing and treating HIV.

The lack of knowledge about where the virus came from or how to treat it bred an epidemic that caused the infected people to spread the virus at a rate much faster than doctors could imagine. They were unprepared and unequipped. Vaccines and daily medicines were created for patients to slow down the reproduction process of the virus and to help people live “normal” lives.

“[HIV/AIDS] is a difficult one,” said Analysia Hart, newly admitted nursing student at Florida Gulf Coast University. “There are a lot of scientist that think they find the cure, and each time they get closer and closer, it mutates and changes. Then, it’s back to the drawing board.”

Unfortunately, prescription medicines don’t ensure patients that they will not contract AIDS, the most severe phase of HIV. AIDS depreciates a person’s immune system to the point that they contract opportunistic infections, a string of severe illnesses, which is why AIDS doesn’t have a cure that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)…but Honduran herbalist, Dr. Sebi, does.

Alfredo Bowman, better known Dr. Sebi is a renowned holistic doctor who claimed to cure all diseases, including AIDS, with herbs, spices and a unique vegan diet that cleanses the body while providing nutrition, which “reverses”. By cleansing the mucus membrane, which is found in the skin, blood and lymphatic system, the AIDS virus is reversed Once the essentially getting rid of all sickness and disease.

Usha Village, a tropical healing village, is a facility where all the herbs and spices for Sebi’s vegan diet combinations are grown. The main ingredients for most of Sebi’s products are yellow dock, burdock root, elderberry, cocolmeca and sarsaparilla. Yellow dock plants contain anthraquinones, a laxative, which helps with the cleansing process, while cocolmeca improves digestion and reduces gas. Burdock root and sarsaparilla are used as detoxes. The root detoxes the blood, skin and the lymphatic system; sarsaparilla reduces fluid retention by increasing the amount of sweat. Elderberry is a prehistoric plant that helps boost the immune system. Although Sebi’s products are all natural, as a holistic doctor with no medical background, the U.S. government became skeptical of his ways.

In November of 1985, Sebi put advertisements in the Amsterdam News saying that his unorthodox remedies cured AIDS, sickle cell, lupus and other diseases. On February 10, 1987 Sebi was arrested and the New York City Supreme Court filed a civil and criminal case against him for practicing medicine without a license, making fraudulent medical claims and selling products that weren’t approved by the FDA.

Dr. Sebi’s won the court case in 1988. Documents from nine of 72 witnesses were used during the trial proving that his remedies helped cure multiple diseases that they had, including AIDS.

“I heard of [Dr. Sebi] and read a few things about his remedies,” Hart said. “But something has to be wrong or because there would be a cure that is sold on the market for everyone to use, right.”

Many of Sebi’s followers and advocates are skeptical about the U.S. government and the FDA’s motives behind not approving Sebi’s products to be sold on the market. Celebrities like rapper Nipsey Hustle and T.I. were in the works of creating a documentary about Sebi and investigating why the government were against him up until his death in August of 2016, while in police custody.

In 2016, over 50 holistic doctors died in “questionable circumstances”, so Sebi’s death raised a lot of eyebrows when he died after being arrested for allegedly being in the illegal possession of $37,000. Police arrested Sebi before on a similar charge, but he was released without charge after providing proof legitimacy. While in police custody, Sebi supposedly contracted pneumonia, became extremely sick and was transported to a local hospital where he died, but there are no details on his arrest nor his death.

82-year-old Sebi created a cure for AIDS and other detrimental diseases with things herbs, spices and vegetables that medical doctors deem as healthy and good for the body, but prescription medicines that don’t are known to deteriorate a person’s body are sold on the market and used every day. At some point, the government has to get outside of traditional medicine and notice that there are untraditional, unorthodox ways of saving lives, and Dr. Sebi proved that herbs, spices and plants is the answer.