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Linking audio perception to visual waveform of the sound

First video is great to understand signal flow in audio using visual wave representation and shows how complex signals are constructed using several waveform primitives:

The second video is more focused on musicians and history of creation of combined unit, very inspirational:

In image and video filtering very similar but more complex multi-dimensional logic is happening while filtering and processing and my next post will be fully devoted on applying audio-like filters to resampling images.

Resampling images through filtering and preview link

The apogee of modulated sound emerged into synth called Access Virus. I love how Access Virus is used in the following attempt to disassemble the “Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria” from “Conquest of Paradise” by Vangelis. Access Virus is starting to play around 8.10 and triggers a visual image of sunbeams reflected and refracted through millions of specular highlights of an ocean wave in my mind.

In the following article you can read how we used audio signal processing theory to process and re-size images



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