Go From Zero to Your $100,000+ Software Sales Job in 40 Hours

Do you want to make $100,000+ in sales, and work at a cool tech company?​

… and I’m not talking about the BS jobs that pay only commission. Those are a joke.

I mean, if those companies are doing so well, why can’t they afford to pay a decent base salary AND commissions?

Well, it’s because salespeople working for only commission aren’t making much money. They are barely paying bills, if that.

All the top sales pros work at exciting and growing companies that can afford to pay them a high salary because the product they are selling has a strong demand. (and OMG it’s so much easier to sell too!)

And these growing companies… many of them are in the software industry.

Did you know the average car salesperson only makes $30,000 a year, according to Glassdoor?
While a software sales rep brings in $100,800 annually?

Completely different! It’s like they are two vastly different jobs… but they are both still sales roles!

But I mean… if you choose to work in sales, you’re choosing to do so because you want to make great money, enjoy the freedom and perks of your job, and have a sense of purpose in communicating with, and winning/helping customers.

(… ah yes, the perks … like an office that has a keg on tap, a ping-pong room, or XBOX to use for break. Or maybe you just want the ability to work remote because you’re good at what you do, regardless of where you do it?)

So why not do it in an industry that pays more? I mean, it takes same amount of time and effort to sell right?

And the crazy thing is, for 2018… many of our software company partners are telling us they can’t find qualified people to hire for their entry level sales roles!

And this leads to exactly why many brand-new AND experienced salespeople are signing up for the preHIRED program.

If you are tired of not making enough money in sales, or tired of working at company you don’t like — then this may be just for you… so check this out.

preHIRED is Science-Based Sales℠ training and job placement program to take you From Zero to Your Dream Six-Figure Sales Job in 40 hours.

Everything you need online and on-demand — with live training sessions in the evenings with Science-Based Sales℠ Trainers.

We train you on the SOFTWARE industry, and how to get your foot in the door.
We train you on all the TOOLS and APPS you’ll be using in a software sales role.
We train you on SCIENCE-BASED SALES℠ and marketing processes, playbooks, and tactics.

(ALL IN JUST 40 hours!)

Then we get YOU HIRED at one of our partner companies.

… or we show you how to get a software sales job at companies you pick.

Seriously, this is for real. My name is Joshua K Jordan and I’ve been working and training with software sales teams around the country for the last two years. (check me out at https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshkjordan/)

If you want to submit an application for our program to see if it’s a fit for you, just check out the link below.

Enrollment is limited to ensure everyone gets hired quickly — so apply today!

( …or else you may find yourself on the waitlist)

Hope to connect soon,

— Josh