How to Know When You’re Ready to Build a Sales Development Team

In the early days of any business, your main goal is just to hustle and get customers.

If you’re part of the founding team, chances are you’ll be out there making calls yourself, sending emails, scheduling appointments, qualifying customers, and closing deals.

And it makes sense. There’s no point in building a team when you don’t have the revenue to cover the costs yet.

On top of that, selling can be a great way to understand your customers at a deep level — you’ll get insight into your prospects’ objections, fears, hopes, frustrations, and more.

But after a certain point, once you have some revenue coming in, it’s probably not worth it for you to be selling.

Your time is better spent managing team members, defining strategy, speaking at events, or doing other higher-level tasks to grow your business.

Even if you decide to continue doing sales, it may be smart to scale. For example, if you’re making 20 calls per week and closing one out of every four prospects, your results could potentially triple by adding another one or two sales reps to your team.

How do you really it’s the right time to build a sales development team?

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