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mike harkey
May 30, 2017 · 2 min read

The “front page of the internet” adds location!

Hopefully you already know that more than 100,000 developers, including many of the world’s tech giants, from Apple and Samsung to Twitter and Snapchat, rely on Foursquare location intelligence. And today, we’re proud to announce the latest addition to that roster. Now, passionate readers of and contributors to Reddit, home to the web’s most vibrant communities and the “front page of the internet,” will be able to add a location to any mobile post.

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Reddit’s been busy making updates to improve their users’ experience, and ours is the latest and (we think) the most fun: starting today, Reddit users can geotag their posts with a specific venue or location, adding context and interest. Just as Snapchatters love geo-filters and Pinterest users go wild for photo maps, now the Reddit community can quickly note where their story takes place.

According to David Ban, Foursquare director of business development, “The Reddit team cares deeply about finding ways to enhance the creator experience on their platform, and Foursquare’s API is a natural addition, providing key location context when it’s needed.”

What does it mean? For content creators who want to provide more details, location will now be an option. It’s an opt-in feature and will never be required — but it will allow redditors the ability to attach a venue, whether that’s your office HQ, that faraway airport with a grammatically incorrect sign, or when you’re on site for breaking news. (You’ll be shown places nearby, and can also search for any place you’d like to tag.)

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Location tags are completely optional, making it possible for redditors to keep their profile private, anonymous and detail-free. Users never have to select a location, and neither Reddit nor Foursquare will store or share that data.

Now: if you haven’t already, download Reddit and try posting a photo of your next best meal in r/food, or tag your next discovery at your local park in r/science. Think of location in Reddit as an extra emphasis — at-the-ready like the perfect punctuation, or headline.

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