Update: How the Trump Presidential Campaign is Affecting Trump Businesses

In August 2016, Foursquare published a report that identified a decrease in foot traffic to Trump-branded hotels, casinos and golf courses in the U.S. Two months later, we wanted to understand if the downturn we noted is holding steady. In a phrase: for the most part.

As a location intelligence company, it’s our mission to shed light on real-world foot traffic trends. We are not in the political game; so we’ll leave it to the pundits to comment on what this means for the upcoming election and whether the trend lines are predictive. Here’s what we found.

Overall visit share continues to be down. More specifically, in September 2016, visit share to Trump properties was down 19% versus September 2014.

Foot traffic share to Trump-branded properties in blue states continues to be down by a wider margin. As of September 2016, visit share to Trump properties was down 21% versus September 2014.

In purple states, overall, the trend lines more closely match previous years. There was a slight increase in visit share in August, but as of September 2016, visit share was down 4% versus September 2014.

For our complete methodology, which includes details on our normalization scheme to ensure that our panel is reflective of the American population, please see the original post.

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